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Looking to buy the following 2019-20 Ultimate;

Card 77. Legend, Doug Gilmour /99. ($20 delivered, it finishes my set). I will take a second piece if you have it. I am not against starting a second set (have at least eight more in hand).
Card 57. Onyx/Black, Mikko Rantanen /10. ($30 delivered, it finishes base Avalanche. Yes, I have Mackinnon /10, Forsberg /5, and Sakic /5)

Card 83. Base Auto, Peter Forsberg. ($45 delivered, expansion of the Avalanche set).
Card 99. Base Auto, Joe Sakic. ($45 delivered, again expansion of the Avalanche set).

Cards 1-100. Base and Legends Onyx/Black. I'll listen to offers but will limit it to $10/$15 commons/semi-stars, $20/$50 stars/legends. There is little room to negotiate on these, but do offer.

The first two pieces are considered musts, the second two nice to own, the last hundred not necessary but I wanted to open this to as many folks who have no real use or desire for the pieces they own.

I have dedicated $1150 to the cause (the best offer for a case I received).I have not opened this product. But I have chosen to get what I want and I am currently in at just under $600 delivered. So I have just under $600 delivered to spend.

Thanks for the look, thanks for the read, and thanks for your offers in advance.