Always Looking to Trade for the following Parallels of Stars and Semi Stars. Also looking for Tough Pull inserts from the 90s. Let me know what you have and are looking for return in Trade.

1991 Topps Desert Shield

1993 Stadium Club 1st Day Issue
1994 Sportflix R&T Artist Proof
1994 Stadium Club 1st day Production
1994 Pinnacle Artist Proof
1994 Collectors Choice Gold Signature
1994 Finest Refractors
1994 SP Red Holoview
1995 Collectors Choice SE Gold Signature
1995 Donruss Press Proof
1995 Finest Refractor
1995 Pinnacle Artist Proof
1995 Select Artist Proof
1995 Sportflix Artist Proof
1995 UC3 Artist Proof
1995 Upper Deck Electric Gold
1995 Upper Deck Special Edition Gold
1996 Bowmans Best Atomic Refractor
1996 Circa Rave
1996 Donruss Press Proof
1996 Leaf Gold Press Poof
1996 Leaf Preferred Press Proof
1996 Leaf Signature Platinum Press Proof
1996 Aficionado Artist Proof
1996 Pinnacle Starburst Artist Proof
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1996 Select Artist Proof
1996 Select Certified Artist Proof
1996 Sportflix Artist Proof
1996 Select Gold or Silver Press Proof
1996 Summit Artist Proof
1996 Topps Chrome Refractor
1996 Topps Gallery Private Player Issue
1996 Upper Deck Diamond Destiny Gold or Silver
1996 Zenith Artist Proof
1997 Pinnacle Inside Diamond Collection
1997 Circa Rave