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    2020 Dynasty: A fool and his money are soon parted

    Okay, I have been busting wax longer than most of our board members have been alive so I sure know the risk in breaking Dynasty. I even watched about 20 case breaks this week before stopping by the local to buy a box of 2020 Topps Update Jumbo.
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    I should have known this would not turn out exactly like I had hoped based on the Topps Jumbo break. Year before breaking Update I hit an Aaron Judge auto and last year I hit Vald Jr. auto. Well the auto in my Jumbo box this year was Shed Long! That should have been a clue

    Back to Dynasty over the years I have broke packs and hit some amazing cards. I didn't buy any packs last year since the price has gone way up over what it should be.

    So wasn't going to break any this year but I thought "okay one pack!" It can't hurt

    Oh but a fool and his money are soon parted!

    pack One:

    Amazing patch but as the owner and the four guys who saw this opened go say "oh NO, not good!!!""

    Well not what I had wanted by any means but my very first Whit auto!

    Okay that didn't go the way I wanted and I didn't want to end my baseball break on a downer so I buy one more pack

    Nice player but I haven't followed the Mets since 1969 when I was a freshman in college

    Okay for my two cents I am now oh for two.

    Have to buy one more as the budget will handle that.

    Pack three

    Wow! A-Fraud!

    What can I say, I live in the Dallas area and remember so well Tom Hicks signing A-Fraud to that huge contact. He was going to lead the Rangers to the promise land of the World Series! As you know that didn't turn out so well, as a matter of fact the contract was so bad, Tom Hicks had to sell the team and A-Fraud quit on the Rangers and was off to the Yankees.

    That was enough Dynasty for me so I have stopped for this year.

    If you are interested here are my other Dynasty cards I have pulled over the years. All were pack pulled except the Jeter and Beltre cards that I bought on eBay.

    Only bought one pack of this year as I didn't think I could do better


    Now back to pack pulls, I stopped by the local just like this year and walk in and buy one pack

    Never a Reds fan so I buy one more

    Nice but again not what I want as there was one player who I wanted to pull. Didn't so I pay and go out to my car. Start the engine but nope I stop and go back into the store and tell the owner I want the first pack on the shelf.

    I want to pull Mike Trout!

    Yes, I got the very card I wanted to pull!

    On to the next year

    And finally one of the two most popular Ranger players of all time!

    That' it and thanks for taking look at my Dynasty post
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    While not the most optimum break it probably could have been worse but could have been a lot better. You got screwed because Arod is pictured with the Rangers. Not that Arod's stuff is hot now but at least you can sell Arod stuff of him on the Yankees. If people wanted his Rangers stuff they can pick up stuff from 2001ish for super cheap. Whit and David Wright are not horrid since they both have pretty strong collector bases. Everyone on the Royals sell much much better than anybody really thinks. Plus the patches are really good. So while they aren't great I'd still take them over say somebody like Ryan Braun.

    Thanks for posting the break BTW. It was a fun read.
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