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    Exclamation anybody got the 2003 Pros & Prospects Mike Seidman/Cory Paus rookie?

    I would really like to get one of these cards. I'd be willing to give 100 CC to anyone who has it. I could also trade, but wouldn't be able to give full bv, since it most likely won't keep the $8 BV (since paus was never signed, and seidman is a 3rd string defensive lineman). I'd really like to get this card, because it has both guys in their UCLA uniforms. PLMK if you have it.

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    Try's one:

    Wait until the auction ends (I don't think anyone will win this) and make an offer to the seller...I have gotten some pretty good deals that way. I'm sure you can get this card $3 shipped.

    There are other auctions, but at outrageous S/H costs like $2.95 or $ look at descriptions.


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    Yeah, I saw that auction. I just don't really want to buy it since it isn't all that rare, and neither guy really has a lot of potential to go up. I think $8 BV is kinda high for it, which is why I'd really like to try and get one for CC.

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