Hello everyone.. Just signed up recently and just thought I would see in anyone is buying/selling/trading psa graded cards on here?? Have been looking around here and havent seen many but figured I would post and see what if anything people have.

If anyone responds I will go into detail but I have psa 9/10's of ahman green, Randy moss, ricky williams, Dayne and some others as well.. Some are topps chrome, bowman chrome, finest and others.. All RC cards too..

I have other non graded cards to but would only like to trade graded for graded or non for non.. If you know what I mean.

Let me know if anyone is interested and ill go more into detail if anyone wants to possibly do a trade..

Ricky williams, Marino, Elway, M.Faulk, C. Chambers, basically any starting GB,RB,WR I might be interested in..

Thanks for you time.