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    I think it is time to go for a while

    Trading for me has seemed to come to a standstill once the season started, no buers and not very many traders for my cards. I think i will leave for a while and maybe come back mid season. although i have some noce cards, the trading seems to have halted and I wuld rather spend my time doing something else and check my cards again in 2 or 3 months. those of you who know my e-mail feel free to e-mail me, but I will not be making any more posts or visiting this site fopr a couple months. thanks to those who have traded with me.

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    I hope to see you soon Gary! I've always wondered why it is that football trading tails off during the season. Football collectors always seem to be really active in the offseason and a lot more hesitant during the season. I guess it is because everything in football can change in a matter of games and so can the value of cards.


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    I thought so too, it seems like that would be the reason for it, Bgray. After all, look at how fast a players stock can drop after an injury, and in football, the injuries are often a lot more lengthy and serious. Anyone want a Terrell Davis RC? (Kidding...)

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    Im getting to the same conclussion. It seems like people just want autos and high end stuff. They are nice to have,but what happend to the player collectors and set builders? I just get tired of people saying "it's not even worth the postage to mail it" then why are you trading online anyway? Lets say I have a Drew Bledsoe bv .75 and you have Ricky William .75 I need .Your telling me its not worth the .49 cent to mail it. If you try and get it off ebay it's going to cost you $2.just on s/h.. Or i need 15 commons to a set im building and you want a A-ROD jersey in return,then people get mad when I say no. I can use that A-ROD for a rc or insert to my player needs.

    I think people has just lost focus on collecting and trading. It seem to me its about "how much I can get for this card". If you are a player collector or a team collector or set builder,just remember the fun of it all is the goal you are trying to reach.
    If you are in this hobby for the $$$$$$,I think you picked the wrong hobby.

    By the way I cant wait for the card companys to let it leak out that 85% of the auto's that are out today are fake. Then you will see a BIG decline on the hobby.

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    Although I've only made a few trades, it seems that too many people want your one good card for their five mediocre cards. For example, let's say I have a $25 card. Nobody seems to want to give up another $25 card. They want to give up 5 $5 cards.

    But when I list 50 cards that are in the $5 range, no body wants them, not even team fans. I find it hard to believe that no body wants three Tim Couch rookie cards for some no name Packers in their collection.

    With that said, I've been thinking of just keeping everything and not trying to trade at all. Seems to be that it's not worth it anymore.

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    time to go for now

    I'll come back maybe once a week or 2 to check out whats new on the board, but I'm not going to be a regular every day. Still enjoy trading though. i would have never been able to afford to buy all the cards I have gotten, so thanks to those I have traded with and i hope I also gave some enjoyement to those I gave cards to. Feel free to e-mail me if you are looking for something, i may have it or if you just want to send me a new tradelist or get my latest.

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    Trading is tough sometimes. I don't do much football. I build maybe 1 set per year. I stick with hockey, but there are players in other sports I do collect. The thing is, I pretty much have everything I need with regards to those players. A graded rookie, a jersey card, or an autograph is enough for me. For my favorite players I have 900 count boxes full of commons and inserts. I don't need more. Honestly, if I don't see anything I'm interested in, I'd rather sell the card. But of course, if you trade, sometimes you trade for something you know you can trade to someone else to get what you want - that's the beauty of it. I live in DFW - the Cowboys used to be on everyone's hot list - not today! I sold an Emmitt Smith jersey for $9.00. I'll stick to sets and rookies.

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    i know as a student that it is really hard to have the same time as the summer to get trades done...but i also feel it isnt the same anymore.

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    This has to be the worst trading I witnessed in a long time. Its horrible...I thought it would be better during the season guess not. Used to make 5 to 10 trades per week...Not anymore...


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