I am interested in buying any sports autograph or relic (jerseys, bats, etc.) that nobody wants. I like to buy in bulk. I’ll also buy commemorative/manufactured coin, pin, or patch cards. Mostly interested in baseball and basketball, but I’ll buy any sport. I also like to buy non-sports and Goodwin Champions, Allen & Ginter, Star Wars, Avengers, film, music and television relics and autos too. I’m a big Miami Marlins, Heat, Dolphins, and even Florida Panthers Fan so looking for those teams too. I use PayPal. We can discuss shipping depending on order size. See below for my buy prices.

Non-licensed relics or autos $0.50
Licensed autos, jerseys or bats $0.75
Commemorative/manufactured relics Commemorative/manufactured relics $0.50.50
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Everything else $1.00
*By everything else I mean game-used or screen-used relic (not jersey or bat). Things like patches, balls, movie props, costumes, and any odd relics that’s outside the norm. Dual or combination relic and/or autos.