A little about us:

Ocean Breakers Sports Cards would like to thank the Sports Card Forum community for giving us the opportunity to spread our love and passion for Sports Cards in the form of our Group Breaks.

We will be offering high-end sports card Group Breaks with a focus on Baseball, Basketball, and Football. We will be doing other sports at random times but feel free to request any other sports or products and we are happy to accommodate if possible!

All of our Group Breaks will be available for purchase on our website: https://oceanbreakerssportscards.com/

100% Integrity:

With my main job being in Cybersecurity, I am well aware of how important it is to have 100% integrity. All of our products which are posted are ALWAYS factory sealed. Each Group Break will be held during a Live Stream so that the customers can watch the break at the same time it is happening! A recording of the Group Break will also be uploaded to our YouTube channel as soon as the break is completed. Any cards you receive from the Group Break will be shipped the following business day after the Group Break took place. Tracking will also be provided. Feel free to reach out in any of our threads with any questions or you can email us at OceanBreakers20@gmail.com with any questions as well and we're more than happy to help!

A little about me:

First off, my name is Eric and I've always had a passion for ALL sports. I owe this to my father who made sure I ate, slept, and breathed sports while getting me into fantasy sports at the young age of 11. The idea of Ocean Breakers Sports Cards was developed on my honeymoon. To make a long story short, my wife and I walked into an antique shop in The Keys, and what do you know within several months I became very adept in all areas of Sports Card Group Breaks. Taking my love of Sports and combining with my new mistress of Group Breaks, we were able to come up with Ocean Breakers Sports Cards LLC! I currently have a main job in Cybersecurity, but am hoping that one day soon down the line we can put all of our time and effort into Ocean Breakers if it develops the traction needed. Thank you all again for your support as we follow our passion and aim to make card breaking history!

Ocean Breakers Sports Cards LLC:

Website: OceanBreakersSportsCards.com

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnj...HfsNlxKljZQwQw
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ocean_brea...s_cards/?hl=en


Remember, Break Cards Don't Break Down!!!