The LCS had a case left of this stuff and I ended up splitting it up with 2 other guys. One of them pulled a griffey jr red ink auto /10 (I'm not sure what other hits he got) and I haven't heard from the other dude. My boxes had these...

14U - Ian Duarte /71
15U - Matthew Matthijs /199
16U - Thomas Dilandri /199

2020 1st Round Picks
Patrick Bailey
Nick Lofton
Robert Hassell
Alika Williams

Cade Cavalli /39

Low #'s and better stuff:

2020 Stars & Stripes Stars Platinum Jack Bulger #'d 1-10.jpg2020 Stars & Stripes Stars Platinum Logan Saloman #'d 2-10.jpg

2020 Stars & Stripes 18U Silhouettes Auto-GU Robert Hassell #'d 190-241.jpg

2020 Stars & Stripes 17U Silhouettes Auto-GU Pete Crow-Armstrong #'d 167-208.jpg

2020 Stars & Stripes 15U Black Gold Auto-Patch Karson Bowen #'d 1-10.jpg

2020 Stars & Stripes CT U18 Cheng-Hua Yueh Patch-Auto #'d 13-20.jpg

2020 Stars & Stripes Collegiate Silouettes Auto-Patch Spencer Torkelson #'d 14-19.jpg

Not as good as my last S&S break but still fun and worth the price. Thanks for the read and good luck with your breaks!