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    one and done lists trading or buying if trading will be in your favor

    looking for ex on the vintage.

    91dr elite series1-8 NEED: CANSECO,,
    92 donruss elite series 9-18 /10000 Need: boggs,puckett,
    93 de elite series 19-36 Need: sandberg, ,walker
    (have yount legend)
    1993 Ted Williams Locklear Collection have Berra, Mays Carl Yastrzemski $5,brock mize paige ruthslaughter ted w

    94 dr elite 37-48 NEED Thomas, bonds,Griffey,

    1994 Ted Williams Locklear Collection need feller, J.Gibson,Stengel, wagner, young
    94 leaf mvp silver contender /10000 need: fielder, Thomas,bagwell, Jeffries mcgrifflarkin, sanders, m Williams,
    94 sportsflix going/gone need gonzo, Griffey, fielder
    94 sportsflix movers need carter
    94 sportflix shakers have manny, bags, white, paalmer,torres, thome, lofton, snow
    95 dr elite series49-60 /10000 have maddux, mcgriff, m Williams, thomas,bonds
    95 finest flame throwers need johnson,
    95 flair outfield power need grifffey,
    95 select big sticks need: Griffey, Gwynn,mattingly
    95 Stadium club crunch time (20) NEED BONDS
    95 zenith z team(18) need piazza, ripken,Griffey

    96 dr elite have(61-72) need Griffey and ripken

    96 pacific flame thrower have nomo,mussina, maddux, clemensglaviner. Johnson

    96 pinnacle skylines have maddux, vaughn ,piazza
    96 pinnacle power (20) need bonds,
    96 pinnacle first rate *(18) need Vaughn, arod,puckett, jeter,
    96 Score titanic taters(18) need belle,Griffey,
    96 select en fuego(25) need Griffey,bonds, chipper,puckett, r. Johnson,arod,

    96 stadium club power packed need canseco,mcgwire Griffey, fielder,Thomas,

    96 stadium club metalists have Eckersley, maddux, bags,Canseco, thomas

    96 ultra hr king (12) need Canseco

    96 ultra golden prospects need alcantara, singleton, monds,

    1997 donruss elite series /2500 have Thomas

    1997 flair hot gloves have maddux, Alomar, grissom, JGONZO

    97 flair showcase diamond cuts (20) need Griffey, hundley,a iones,jeter, arod,

    97 fleer lumber co need Anderson, piazza, bagwell, burks,gallaragga, sosa, Klesko, griffey

    97 Stadium Club, Patent Leather need irod,griffey

    1997 topps sweet strokes(15) need Griffey

    97 ultra power plus set 1 need Griffey 4,
    97 ultra power plus set 2 need 4 ripken

    97 ud power package need: Griffey,Sheffield,

    98 paramount fielders choice NEED: mcgwire, bonds,griffey

    98 Topps awards gallery need Griffey, clemens, thomas,gwynn

    98 Upper deck amazing greats/2000 need vaughn, mcgriwe,Clemens, tino.bonds,gallaragga, lofton walker,molitor,belle,Griffey,molitor

    98 ultra win now needThomas,nomo.cruz,

    99 Metal planet metal need arod, chipper,jeter,nomar,Thomas, griffey

    99 SKYBOX THUNDER DIAL 1 need chipper,

    99 stadium club triumvirate luminous need
    3 b griffey, 10 a helton, 14 a sosa, 14 c bonds, 5 b thome,

    99 topps chrome lords of diamond NEED GRIFFEY,

    1999 UD Century Legends All Century Team have #AC3 Willie Mays, banks, , j robinson, Gehrig, bench, cobb, starting lineup

    1999 UD Century Legends Memorable Shotshave #HR8 Mickey Mantle
    dent, gibson2 versions mcgwire, mazeroski, Thompson, fisk,carter

    99 ud epic milestone haves aaron, ryan, ripken, j. robinson, bonds
    00 bow crome metoric rise have nomar , Griffey, mcgwire,piazza, maddux, ripken, chipper, irod, manny
    , r johnson
    00 crown royal proofs have ripken, maddux, nomar, JETER, manny, pedro,,thome, green, Bernie, casey,SORIANO

    00 Finest For the Record have Chipper Jones #10b: SOSA 7C, nomar 5a, piazza 10)9b, ripken 6b
    00 finest ballpark bounties haveJ. Hamilton, munson, Patterson, PEDRO,BELTRAN,WALKER, rolen, r johnson, nomar, vlad,sosa
    00 Impact point of impact need Griffey,jeter,irod,a jones,helton,mateo,burroughs

    00 omega eo portraits have maddux, jeter, mcgwire, piazza,nomar,ankiel,gwynn,guerreropedro,burrell,ir od,Sheffield,sosa

    00 Pacific Crown Collection In the Cage have Manny Ramirez #8, irod 20 nomar 4

    00 pacific gold crown die cuts a. jones

    00 s.c.c. Eyes of the game refractor need piazza, gwynn , arod griffey

    Topps perennialall stars need jeter, Griffey, ripken
    00 topps glistening gold have pedro
    00 topps gallery proof positive have burnett/pedro, jeter Soriano, sosa/patterson, mcgwire/burrell , piazza/munson, bomar/ozuna, mateo/Griffey

    00 Topps HD cutting edge (10) need nomar, jeter,arod,griffey

    00 ud murderers row (10) need lazzeri and Jackson

    01 topps chrome before topps(10)need ruth,cobb,wagner

    01 topps hd 20-20 (10) need chipper,

    01 topps HD Game defined (10) have vlad,sosa, nomar, helton, piazza

    01 ultra power plus have nomar, Delgado, Delgado, piazza, mcgwire,

    2002 Donruss elite series/2500 NEED BERKMAN, gREEN, SLAUGHTER FORD

    02 DONRUSS ALL TIME DIAMOND KINGS /2500 HAvE TED 1, puckett7, banks, berra
    2002 Fleer Tradition Lumber Company have 21 Jace Brewer, Floyd,drew,thomas green9alomar,justice,crede,floyd,arod,Tejada,many, chipper,pujo;s, lgonzalez, bernie, larkin,alou, Ortiz, casey,helton, nomar,Soriano,rolenhenson


    1957 Need list: 328 brooks robinson

    1959 NEED list:,514,Gibson,

    1961Need list:
    417,528,531,534,541-545,548, 550,551,554,557,559,562,63, 565,576,579,580,582, 584,586,587,

    1962 Need List:
    530,544,552,570,572,575,584, 591,593,-594,598-

    1963 Need LIST rose 537 (Need checklist upgrades 500,540 clemente

    1964 done upgrades needed 35,60,63,64,74,114,125,176,209,238,390,424,260,167 ,330,334,519

    1965 Need list:300,325,493,,526,561,

    1966 Need list:,410,463,470, 484,523,530,531,544, 547,552,559,563,567,570,576,583,586,

    1967 Need LIST 41,63,112,118,150,154,164,-165,94,245, 253,291,300,17,18,
    26,328,334,347,351,55,362,66,69,371,78,99,400,02,0 3,14,15,16,19,22,23,30,43,49,50,60,61,68,470,71,72 ,74,75,76,77,479, 81,82,84,85,489,90,91,92,497,499-502,505,507-510, 512-516,520-524,526,27,28,532-536, 538-547,549-558, 560-565, 567-581,583,585,86,87,589-598,600-609

    1968 set complete

    1969 need list 43,70,83,95, 110,146,150, 163,65,66,69,
    265,99,305,12,319,343,357, 372,90,92,428,465,
    483,490,96,509,533,37,43,45,51,564,570,601,618, 640,643,650,655,660,664

    1970 Need list:
    10,160,189, 98,338,50,379,396,397,399,453,456,473,507, 514,54,55,65,66.568,80,585,90,91,609,612,622,625,3 7,38,639, 642, 647-651 54,659,660, 664,665,
    676, 82,683,688,92, 696,697, 700-end(have list701,702,703,704,706,709.711,714,715,717,719,72 0 need the rest)
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    Sent you a PM RE: your vintage want-list!
    Collecting Graded Vintage!

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    Thanks you pm returned

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    See robwes207's Items on eBay

    List updated to reflect recent deals.

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    @robwes207- Bob- I have some of your needs available. What percentage of BV are you paying?
    Always looking for Graded Vintage (Pre-1980)

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    See robwes207's Items on eBay

    sent you a pm james.

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    list updated minus 1 deal

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    list updated

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