I have not posted a thread here in a long time.

2012 Topps flagship Super collector [very slow and not obsessively buying on ebay - the fun is the hunt via trade]
looking for Topps Black /61
and any other tougher cards such as
silk /50
orange border /190
relics /50 [mound dominance, gold standard, gold futures, cut above, timeless tribute, golden Greats, Classic walk Offs, Career Day]

I am about halfway through the Target Red / Walmart Blue / Gold # /2012 / gold sparkle / TRU Purple ... I'll trade for lots I don't have
I have most of the inserts
looking for Gold Rings and Gold World Series Pins
still need a few Historical Stitches & Retired number Manu patch

any other hard to find inserts

I'm also going for the sets with the same style as 2012 Topps
2012 Topps Update - need blockbuster relic SN / 50 + HOF Plaque
2012 Topps Chrome - xfractors, purple, orange, blue, black, red, gold
2012 Topps Opening Day - need blue # / 2012
2012 Topps mini on line exclusive - silver SN #/5 & gold SN /61

In the past year I have moved most of my activity to Trading Card Data Base
my want list and trade list are there with the same user name "abide"