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Thread: scans of cards!!!

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    Thumbs up scans of cards!!!

    hey everyone,

    i am constantly asked if i have any scans of my cards. unfortunately i dont have a scanner, but i have been using someone else's and i now have some scans. here are the cards i can provide scans for if you are interested:

    mark messier 00-01 upper deck mvp super game used souvenirs stick/puck 15/50 5 colors

    dany heatley 00-01 upper deck young guns rookie

    mike comrie 00-01 titanium draft edition rookie 755/1000

    martin havlat/marian hossa 01-02 titanium dual patch card 4 colors 40/118

    ilya kovalchuk 01-02 bowman youngstars auto 26/50

    pavel datsyuk 01-02 topps chrome black border refractor rookie 26/50

    mike ribeiro 01-02 bowman young stars fabric of the future double stuff stick/jersey 5 colors 5/25

    rick nash 02-03 atomic rookie 1197/1300

    peter forsberg 98-99 bap game used stick 3 colors (only 100 made)

    ilya kovalchuk / marian gaborik 01-02 bowman youngstars fabric of the future rivals dual jersey 199/250

    if anyone is interested in seeing any of these cards, just ask which one you would like to see and i will post a link you can go to, or i will email them to you. if you do not feel like posting a response but want to see a scan, just email me at (thats b-i-g-L-zero-L-8-4-7-7). i can send you a wantlist if you are imterested in any of these.


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    i can also provide a scan of a marcel dionne 00-01 ud legends jersey purple

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    Just drop the links and then you can just keep referring to this post for scans of them. If you would have came into Oakland, we could have went to a computer lab and I woulda hooked you up.

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    im technologically retarded. lets see if this works and we'll go from there:

    file:///C:/AOL Downloads/cards2.jpg

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    LOL, they have to be posted somewhere on the internet before you can link them. If you have interest for them on these boards and have been requested for a scan, just go ahead and attach them to the thread. You'll have to attach 1 per post so just clikc the POST REPLY button and attach each one.

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    mike ribeiro stick/jersey:

    gaborik/kovalchuk dual jersey:

    alright this takes too long...IGGY thanks for your help but i quit. they look better if i send them through email anyways. trust me. lol

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    i emailed it to ya niko. if it is taking too long to download or if it doesnt work email me and i will send it another way. thanks for your interest.

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