Welcome to Dave & Adamís MVP Monday, where we highlight a member of our staff each week!
For this weekís MVP Monday, we visited our Hit Parade team to better know our Production Manager of Hit Parade Memorabilia, Michael Malicki.
Originally from Machias, NY, Michael started his career in Buffalo by going to undergrad at Medaille College, where he enjoyed playing as a guard for the schoolís basketball team.
After his college career ended, Malicki began to search for employment that would match his active lifestyle. He saw an opportunity with Dave & Adam’s and didnít hesitate to apply. He was hired the next day!
ďWhen I first started with the company, I pulled card orders within the warehouse. I would receive the orders, pull the products and work with our shipping department to get them out.”
Michaelís work ethic and motivation to always help the company succeed brought him into his current position: the Production Manager for Hit Parade Memorabilia.
When asked about what Michael enjoys most about his job here at Dave & Adamís, this was his response:
ďIím a big sports guy! I love getting to see all the cool memorabilia we get signed. When the pandemic subsides, I canít wait to get back to traveling to signings, where I like to interact with a ton of athletes. There are a bunch of perks working here if you stay around long enough! In the past couple of years working here, Iíve met famous athletes, such as, Ricky Williams, Michael Irving, Marcus Mariota, DeAndre Hopkins, Demarcus Lawrence, and the list goes on!Ē
Outside of Dave & Adamís, Michael enjoys his time playing his Xbox, playing basketball, and has become an avid golfer!
With excitement, ďI just shot an 86 last weekend!Ē
When asked about what makes Dave & Adamís a great place to work, Michael had a smile on his face as he answered.
ďThe atmosphere and the people here are the companyís best attributes. The best way I could describe it is, if youíre here in the company and youíre here to work, itís a big family. Itís a family to the point where you can be open with everyone in the company from top to bottom. They will help you out where they can and make sure youíre working and motivated in the proper ways.Ē
Thank you for joining us for this weekís MVP Monday and thank you to Michael for being a part of the Dave & Adamís family!
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