90/91 OPC Premier--Complete Set
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Jagr RC is selling close to 100.00.

13/14 Totally Certified
Taylor Hall 2c with a seam Oilers/Boston/10

13/14 UD Ice
Tyler Toffoli Mtl RC/249

13/14 Panini Prizm
Tyler Toffoli Mtl RC

13/14 SPX Rookie Materials
Tyler Toffoli Mtl Blk Swatch

10/11 ITG BTP
Jordan Bennington Blues Autod Awesome Blk Emblem/3

20/21 Leaf ITG Used Hockey ---Sweden
Henrik Lundqvist/Johan Hedberg/Tommy Salo/Pelle Lindbergh/35

2013 Sportkings--City Scapes---LA
Shaq Daddy/Fernando Valenzuela/Terry Swachuk Gold Version/10
purple and white/white with a spot of red/LA purple

03/04 ITG VIP--Jersey and Emblem
Jason Spezza TML white/gold/10

03/04 BAP ITG--International Experience
Curtis Joseph Red Wing white swatch Gold Version/10

2012ITG Mem--Captain-C Series
Zach Parise GUed Silver Patch Awesome Patch/10

2013 Sportkings--Cityscapes
Mariano Rivera/Robbie Alomar Yks/Mets grey/white with a blue stripe
Silver Version

03/04 Parkhurst--All Rookie Team
Tuomo Ruutu Hawks blk and white Gold Versio/10

18/19 OPC
Elias Pettersson RC

19/20 UD Shooting Stars
Elias Pettersson Blue Version
Elias Pettersson Red Version

20/21 UD PreDominant
Elias Pettersson

19/20 UD Sophomore Sensations
Elias Pettersson

00/01 McDonalds
Peter Forsberg Avs Burgundy Jersey/500

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