2020 Flawless Football (5/5/2021 release):

2017 Panini Flawless Football – Various fulfillment cards
2018 Panini Flawless Football - Various fulfillment cards
2019 Panini Flawless Football - Various fulfillment cards
Base Aquamarine
Base Diamonds
Base Emeralds
Base Platinum
Base Ruby
Base Sapphire
BC Career Progressions
BC Career Progressions Emerald
BC Career Progressions Platinum
BC Career Progressions Ruby
BC Distinguished Patch Autographs
BC Distinguished Patch Autographs Emerald
BC Distinguished Patch Autographs Platinum
BC Distinguished Patch Autographs Ruby
BC Dual Patch Autographs
BC Dual Patch Autographs Emerald
BC Dual Patch Autographs Platinum
BC Dual Patch Autographs Ruby
BC Etched in Time
BC Etched in Time Emerald
BC Etched in Time Platinum
BC Etched in Time Ruby
BC Flawless Achievements
BC Flawless Achievements Emerald
BC Flawless Achievements Platinum
BC Flawless Achievements Ruby
BC Flawless Dual Autographs
BC Flawless Dual Autographs Emerald
BC Flawless Dual Autographs Platinum
BC Flawless Dual Autographs Ruby
BC Flawless Finishes
BC Flawless Finishes Emerald
BC Flawless Finishes Platinum
BC Flawless Finishes Ruby
BC Flawless Flyers
BC Flawless Flyers Emerald
BC Flawless Flyers Platinum
BC Flawless Flyers Ruby
BC Flawless Laundry Tags
BC Flawless Rookie Signatures
BC Flawless Rookie Signatures Emerald
BC Flawless Rookie Signatures Platinum
BC Flawless Rookie Signatures Ruby
BC Flawless Shields
BC Flawless Symbols
BC Greats
BC Greats Emerald
BC Greats Platinum
BC Greats Ruby
BC Hall of Fame Autographs
BC Hall of Fame Autographs Emerald
BC Hall of Fame Autographs Platinum
BC Hall of Fame Autographs Ruby
BC Honored Ink
BC Honored Ink Emerald
BC Honored Ink Platinum
BC Honored Ink Ruby
BC Laundry Tag
BC Patch Autographs
BC Patch Autographs Emerald
BC Patch Autographs Platinum
BC Patch Autographs Ruby
BC Pro Bowl Ink
BC Pro Bowl Ink Emerald
BC Pro Bowl Ink Platinum
BC Pro Bowl Ink Ruby
BC Rookie Dual Patch Autographs
BC Rookie Dual Patch Autographs Emerald
BC Rookie Dual Patch Autographs Platinum
BC Rookie Dual Patch Autographs Ruby
BC Rookie Gems Signatures
BC Rookie Gems Signatures Diamond
BC Rookie Gems Signatures Emerald
BC Rookie Gems Signatures Platinum
BC Rookie Patch Autographs
BC Rookie Patch Autographs Emerald
BC Rookie Patch Autographs Platinum
BC Rookie Patch Autographs Ruby
BC Rookie Shadow Signatures
BC Rookie Shadow Signatures Emerald
BC Rookie Shadow Signatures Platinum
BC Rookie Shadow Signatures Ruby
BC Rookies
BC Rookies Diamonds
BC Rookies Emeralds
BC Rookies Platinum
BC Shield Signatures
BC Signature Gloves
BC Signature Gloves Emerald
BC Signature Gloves Platinum
BC Signature Gloves Ruby
BC Star Swatch Signatures
BC Star Swatch Signatures Emerald
BC Star Swatch Signatures Platinum
BC Star Swatch Signatures Ruby
BC Symbolic Signatures
Brand Logos
Career Colors
Career Colors Emerald
Career Colors Platinum
Career Colors Sapphire
Career Progressions
Career Progressions Emerald
Career Progressions Platinum;
Career Progressions Ruby
Career Progressions Sapphire
Career Progressions Silver
Debut Duals
Debut Duals Brand Logos
Debut Duals Gloves
Debut Duals Laundry Tags
Distinguished Patch Autographs
Distinguished Patch Autographs Emerald
Distinguished Patch Autographs Platinum
Distinguished Patch Autographs Ruby
Distinguished Patch Autographs Sapphire
Distinguished Patch Autographs Silver
Dual Diamond Memorabilia Brand Logos
Dual Diamond Memorabilia
Dual Diamond Memorabilia Emerald
Dual Diamond Memorabilia Platinum
Dual Diamond Memorabilia Ruby
Dual Diamond Memorabilia Sapphire
Dual Diamond Memorabilia Silver
Dual Diamond Memorabilia Tags
Dual Patch Autographs
Dual Patch Autographs Bronze
Dual Patch Autographs Emerald
Dual Patch Autographs Platinum
Dual Patch Autographs Ruby
Dual Patch Autographs Sapphire
Dual Patch Autographs Silver
Etched in Time
Etched in Time Emerald
Etched in Time Platinum
Etched in Time Ruby
Etched in Time Sapphire
Etched in Time Silver
Flawless Achievements
Flawless Achievements Emerald;
Flawless Achievements Platinum
Flawless Achievements Ruby
Flawless Achievements Sapphire
Flawless Achievements Silver
Flawless Cleat Autographs
Flawless Cleats
Flawless Connections
Flawless Connections Emerald
Flawless Connections Platinum
Flawless Connections Sapphire
Flawless Cuts
Flawless Dual Autographs
Flawless Dual Autographs Emerald;
Flawless Dual Autographs Platinum;
Flawless Dual Autographs Ruby
Flawless Dual Autographs Sapphire
Flawless Dual Autographs Silver
Flawless Duals Platinum
Flawless Finishes
Flawless Finishes Emerald
Flawless Finishes Platinum
Flawless Finishes Ruby
Flawless Finishes Sapphire
Flawless Finishes Silver
Flawless Flyers
Flawless Flyers Emerald
Flawless Flyers Platinum
Flawless Flyers Ruby
Flawless Flyers Sapphire
Flawless Flyers Silver
Flawless Laundry Tags
Flawless Penmanship
Flawless Penmanship Emerald
Flawless Penmanship Platinum
Flawless Penmanship Ruby
Flawless Penmanship Sapphire
Flawless Penmanship Silver
Flawless Rookie Signatures
Flawless Rookie Signatures Emerald;
Flawless Rookie Signatures Platinum
Flawless Rookie Signatures Ruby
Flawless Rookie Signatures Sapphire
Flawless Rookie Signatures Silver
Flawless Shields
Flawless Signatures
Flawless Signatures Emerald
Flawless Signatures Platinum
Flawless Signatures Ruby
Flawless Signatures Sapphire
Flawless Signatures Silver
Flawless Spike Autographs
Flawless Spikes
Flawless Symbols
Greats Emerald
Greats Platinum
Greats Ruby
Greats Sapphire
Greats Silver
Hall of Fame Autographs
Hall of Fame Autographs Emerald
Hall of Fame Autographs Platinum
Hall of Fame Autographs Ruby
Hall of Fame Autographs Sapphire
Hall of Fame Autographs
Honored Ink
Honored Ink Emerald
Honored Ink Platinum
Honored Ink Ruby
Honored Ink Sapphire
Honored Ink Silver
Laundry Tag Signatures
Laundry Tags
Legendary Materials
Legendary Materials Emerald
Legendary Materials Platinum
Legendary Materials Sapphire
Legends Aquamarine
Legends Diamonds
Legends Emeralds
Legends Platinum
Legends Ruby
Legends Sapphire
Mastercraft Emerald
Mastercraft Platinum
Mastercraft Sapphire
MVP's Aquamarine
MVP's Diamonds
MVP's Emeralds
MVP's Platinum;
MVP's Sapphire
NFL Shield Gems
Patch Autographs
Patch Autographs Bronze
Patch Autographs Emerald
Patch Autographs Platinum
Patch Autographs Ruby
Patch Autographs Sapphire
Patch Autographs Silver
Patches Emerald
Patches Platinum
Patches Ruby
Patches Sapphire
Patches Silver
Pro Bowl Gems
Pro Bowl Gems Diamonds
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Pro Bowl Gems Platinum
Pro Bowl Ink
Pro Bowl Ink Emerald
Pro Bowl Ink Platinum
Pro Bowl Ink Ruby
Pro Bowl Ink Sapphire
Pro Bowl Ink Silver
Red; White and Blue
Rookie Booklets
Rookie Brand Logo Booklets
Rookie Cleat Autographs
Rookie Dual Patch Autographs
Rookie Dual Patch Autographs Bronze
Rookie Dual Patch Autographs Emerald
Rookie Dual Patch Autographs Platinum
Rookie Dual Patch Autographs Ruby
Rookie Dual Patch Autographs Sapphire
Rookie Dual Patch Autographs Silver
Rookie Gems Signatures
Rookie Gems Signatures Diamond
Rookie Gems Signatures Emerald
Rookie Gems Signatures Platinum
Rookie Gems Signatures Sapphire
Rookie Gloves Booklets
Rookie Patch Autographs
Rookie Patch Autographs Bronze
Rookie Patch Autographs Emerald
Rookie Patch Autographs Platinum
Rookie Patch Autographs Ruby
Rookie Patch Autographs Sapphire
Rookie Patch Autographs Silver
Rookie Patches
Rookie Patches Emerald
Rookie Patches Platinum
Rookie Patches Ruby
Rookie Patches Ruby
Rookie Patches Sapphire
Rookie Patches Silver
Rookie Shadow Signatures
Rookie Shadow Signatures Emerald
Rookie Shadow Signatures Platinum
Rookie Shadow Signatures Ruby
Rookie Shadow Signatures Sapphire
Rookie Shadow Signatures
Rookie Shield Booklets
Rookie Showcase
Rookie Showcase Brand Logo
Rookie Showcase Emerald
Rookie Showcase Platinum
Rookie Showcase Ruby
Rookie Showcase Ruby;
Rookie Showcase Sapphire
Rookie Showcase
Rookie Showcase Tags
Rookie Spike Autographs
Rookie Tags
Rookies Diamonds
Rookies Emeralds
Rookies Patches Brand Logo
Rookies Platinum
Rookies Sapphire
Shield Signatures
Signature Gems Platinum
Signature Gloves
Signature Gloves Emerald
Signature Gloves Platinum
Signature Gloves Ruby
Signature Gloves Sapphire
Signature Gloves Silver
Star Swatch Signatures
Star Swatch Signatures Emerald
Star Swatch Signatures Platinum
Star Swatch Signatures Ruby
Star Swatch Signatures Sapphire
Star Swatch Signatures Silver
Super Bowl Gems Platinum
Super Bowl Swatches;
Super Bowl Swatches Brand Logo
Super Bowl Swatches Emerald
Super Bowl Swatches Platinum
Super Bowl Swatches Ruby
Super Bowl Swatches Sapphire
Super Bowl Swatches Silver
Symbolic Signatures
Team Gems - 49ers
Team Gems - Bears
Team Gems - Buccaneers
Team Gems - Chiefs
Team Gems - Cowboys
Triple Patches
Triple Patches Emerald
Triple Patches Platinum
Triple Patches Ruby
Triple Patches Sapphire
Triple Patches Silver
Triple Tags
Veteran Booklets
Veteran Brand Logo Booklets
Veteran Nameplate Booklets
Veteran Shield Booklets