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Thread: Hurry, ends in like an hour!!

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    Hurry, ends in like an hour!!

    I think this is a pretty sweet card.... in my tuffstuff september issue, it books at $75, and it says that each card is numbered to 100.. but this card is numbered to 44, his jersey number, and that, accourding to tuffstuff makes it worth 2-25 times more valuable:D

    link edited********************

    I wish I could bid on it, but it doesnt take paypal

    LMK if any of you get it, I think it would be sweet to have


  2. Kronozio
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    someone just bidded on it, its now at 4 bucks:) 1hour 40 minutes left, good luck people...


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    wow, I'm the current high bidder! I hope I can win it! I'll give you first shot at it in trade if I win.

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    by the way, could you remove the link so I don't get outbid from someone here? You could put it back if I get outbid.

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    ahh you suck jelew. Why did you have to outbid me?

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    there we go. I got the lead back. the card books at $125

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    I'm the one that made it up to 4... LOL sorry

    Current bv is 125.00

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    How high are you willing to go so we dont get in a War here?

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    ahh man. Now I have to pay $8 instead of $6 if I win. :explicit:

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