Thought I would send out an update to a post I did a while ago on Johnny Bench cards I am searching for to complete my collection.

1968 Uniroyal
1968-70 Jamesway Trucking
1968 Team Postcard
1970/72 Topps Candy Lids
1970/71 Dayton Daily News (70 and 71 stats). I have the All Star Version
2016 Topps Heritage Blue Signature. These cards back to 2016 through 2021 are my latest focus. I have them all for Bench except for the 2016 (Blue Sig).
1980 Cincinnati Enquirer

When I find these items I will consider my collection completed.

I originally had the 67 Team Postcard but picked it up but missed out on the 68 offered at the same time. I recently saw a 70 Candy Lid (PSA 8) that sold for about $950.

I prefer a graded versions but will purchase ungraded. Not sure I can afford above PSA 6 or similar other graded versions.

I will be at National in Chicago at the end of July, Had some good success at the 2019 Convention.

I do not have any Master Sets, although if I had all my cards graded by PSA, I think I would have a very good set. Some of my favorite items from my roughly 300 card collection:

67 Team Postcard
68 Binger Johnny Bench Day Advertisement Card
68 Kahn’s
68-70 Shillito’s (the actual Shillito’s, not the 1976 Kenwood Plaza card called by some graders the 1976 Kahn's Shillito’s)
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69/70 Team Postcards (both versions)
70 Dayton Daily News All Star
Gilligan/Bench/Rose card
68 Venezuelan Rookie
70 and 71 Topps Super Square Corner Proofs (blank backs)
71 Milk Duds Complete Box
71 Topps Greatest Moments
74 Topps Deckle Edge (White and Gray back square corner proofs)
74 Topps Puzzle (uncut cardboard and paper proofs)
2016-2021 Topps Heritage (red and blue signatures)