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    2,325 card lot of MTG- Portal, no lands

    These are from starter decks. Even at 15 cards for , the lot comes to 5, asking 0 divd. The lot comes with a 2,500 card plastic case. You can tell which cards are common and what's uncommon by the amount of cards available. There should be a total of 2,325 cards. Angelic Blessing x9, Ardent Militia x2 , Armored Pegasus, x48, Breath of Life x6, Boarder Guard x5, Charging Paladin x2, Defiant Stand x47, Devoted Hero x48, False Peace x7, Fleet Footed Monk x4, Foot Soldiers x6, Keen Eyed Archers x2, Knight Errant x11, Path of Peace x4, Regal Unicorn x53, Renewing Dawn x7, Sacred Knight x7, Sacred Nectar x52, Seasoned Marshall x2, Spotted Griffin x47, Starlight x5, Steadfastness x5 Valorous Charge x4, Venerable Monk x44, Vengeance x5, Warriors Charge x49, Baleful Stare x3, Cloak of Feathers x46, Cloud Spirits x3, Command of Unsummoning x48, Coral Eel x50, Deep Sea Serpent x2, Deja Vu x9, Flux x2, Giant Octopus x2, Horned Turtle x4, Ingenious Thief x45, Merfolk of the Pearl Trident x8, Mystic Denial x4, Omen x10, Owl Familiar x5, Snapping Drake x47, Sorcerous Sight x7, Strom Crow x46, Symbol of Unsummoning x12, Theft of Dreams x3, Tidal Surge x7, Time Ebb x52, Touch of Brilliance x48, Wind Drake x6, Withering Gaze x4, Arrogant Vampire x3, Assassin's Blade x4, Bog Imp x4, Bog Raiders x2, Bog Wraith x6, Charging Bandits x3, Craven Knight x50, Dry Spell x3, Feral Shadow x51, Grave Digger x44, Hand of Death x51, Howling Fury x3, Mind Knives x6, Mind Rot x48, Muck Rats x48, Python x5, Raise Dead x7, Serpent Warrior x11, Skeletal Crocodile x48, Skeletal Snake x7, Soul Shred x11, Undying Beast x9, Vampiric Feast x3, Vampiric Touch x51, Blaze x39, Burning Cloak x8, Craven Giant x10, Desert Drake x5, Fire Imp x44, Fire Snake x7, Flash Fires x1, Goblin Bully x4, Highland Giant x3, Hill Giant x52, Hulking Cyclops x2, Hulking Goblins x52, Lava Axe x47, Lava Flow x1, Lizard Warrior x41, Minotaur Warrior x7, Mountain Goat x3, Raging Cougar x5, Raging Goblin x42, Raging Minotaur x10, Scorching Spear x4, Scorching Winds x2, Spitting Earth x8, Volcanic Hammer x50, Wall of Granite x4, Anaconda x44, Bee Sting x5, Bull Hippo x5, Deep Wood x3, Elven Cache x5, Elite Cat Warriors x45, Elvish Ranger x8, Giant Spider x7, Gorilla Warrior x46, Grizzly Bears x46, Monstrous Growth x49, Moon Sprite x8, Natural Spring x2, Needle Storm x4, Panther Warriors x51, Redwood Tree Folk x5, Rowan Tree Folk x46, Spined Wurm x8, Stalking Tiger x7, Untamed Wilds x47, Whiptail Wurm x4 and Willow Dryad x5.
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