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Thread: Need Bourque

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    Need Bourque

    Looking for high end Bourque's , send list. Have tons of great stuff.

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    I'll be putting a 98-99 BAP Ray Bourque game jersey up on ebay tomorrow. I'll send you the link if you're interested. All my auctions start at $1.00.

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    I have a Bourque 2000-01 PS Titanium ICE Parallel (59/77). The year he won the cup.

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    i have a 99-00 upper deck mvp sce game used stick card ($40) if you are interested.

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    I have a 02 Upper Deck "Young Guns Flashback" "Exclusives"


    I have looked at your site and I need these Rick Nash cards:

    U.D. CLASSIC PORTRAITS NASH #109 (/1500)
    ATOMIC NASH #105 (/1300)

    if you are interested let me know

    the Bourque is a beautiful low numbered tuff pull card that is great for any Ray Collector

    great pic of a young Ray Bourque in his Bruins Jersey

    I would guess it would be a pic of him in his rookie season



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    then why not post a wantlist, everything offered you don't need, should post what you need so we know

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    I help alot of people and not everyone has a wantlist. To me high end are very ltd and high value $100 & up. Thats why so many people come back to me. Yes I should be more precise so here it is everybody.
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