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Thread: 2021 Cards For Trade

    Please Note - philaniceguy will ship to the following countries: Any Country

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    2021 Cards For Trade

    i have these cards from 2022,2021,and other years for trade: i'm looking for rookie,game used,or autograph cards in baseball,basketball,or football in trade.let me know what cards you're interested in and either send a trade list or make an offer.

    i have cards from other years listed at the end after the 2021 cards.keep checking back,i will be adding cards to this list.

    2022 Bowman University

    1st Bowman

    2 d.j. uiagalelei
    6 emory jones
    8 bo nix
    13 mckenzie milton
    15 casey thompson
    16 myjai sanders
    22 tyler fryfogle
    28 spencer rattler
    29 malik willis
    38 ahmad gardner
    42 nick starkel
    53 tyler van dyke
    58 d'eriq king
    60 tanner mckee
    61 xavier worthy
    70 sean clifford
    74 skylar thompson
    78 jake haener
    82 kenneth walker III
    86 chimere dike


    79 jj mccarthy
    92 malik cunningham
    95 bijan robinson
    99 john metchie III

    Inserts & Refractors

    14 chris olave 1st bowman refractor
    17 marvin mims 1st bowman pink refractor
    62 devin lloyd 1st bowman pink refractor
    76 jaylen watson 1st bowman pink refractor
    85 braelon allen 1st bowman pink refractor
    97 kenneth walker III purple refractor

    2KB-24 kyle hamilton 2000 bowman

    GB-7 bo nix golden boy

    2022 Leaf Pro Set


    PS-VM1 vavae malepeai rookie
    PS-DK2 dalton kincaid rookie


    1 bryce young
    2 c.j. stroud
    3 carson strong
    4 d.j. uiagalelei
    5 isaiah spiller
    6 kayvon thibodeaux
    7 malik willis
    8 matt corral
    9 quinn ewers
    10 spencer rattler

    2021 Panini Rookies & Stars

    7 devonta smith year one rookie jersey
    SS-ASB amon-ra st. brown star search rookie jersey
    SS-KM kellen mond star search rookie jersey

    Base #'s:

    1,2,3,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,19,25,26,27,28,29,39,40,4 1,42,43,44,45,50,51,54,55,56,57,60,61,67,68,69,70, 71,72,82,83,84,85,86,92,96,97,98,99


    109 kyle trask
    113 najee harris
    127 ian book
    151 azeez ojulari
    155 eric stokes
    167 brevin jordan
    170 caleb farley
    176 osa odighizuwa (red)
    178 micah parsons (red)

    Inserts & Parallels

    SR-5 mac jones stellar rookies (red checkerboard prizm)
    SR-7 ja'marr chase stellar rookies (red checkerboard prizm)

    DC-2 zach wilson draft class
    DC-5 ja'marr chase draft class
    DC-10 micah parsons draft class
    DC-11 mac jones draft class

    RR-5 mac jones rookie rush
    RR-8 jaylen waddle rookie rush
    RR-11 kadarius toney rookie rush
    RR-12 najee harris rookie rush
    RR-17 rondale moore rookie rush

    CR-8 davante adams crusade (red checkerboard prizm)
    CR-17 hines ward crusade (silver prizm)

    TDC-9 patrick mahomes touchdown club

    SO-1 patrick mahomes standing ovation
    S0-20 a.j. brown standing ovation

    AP-14 deion jones action packed
    AP-18 demarcus lawrence action packed
    AP-23 joey bosa action packed

    30 matt stafford (red)

    2021 Panini Chronicles Draft Picks


    Prestige PS-CBY camryn bynum xtra points (orange)
    Prestige PS-ZDA zach davidson xtra points (green)

    Optic Rated Rookies

    201 trevor lawrence
    204 zach wilson
    205 ja'marr chase
    210 najee harris
    214 rondale moore (silver prizm)
    221 kenneth gainwell


    227 micah parsons
    233 justin fields (silver prizm)
    243 rashod bateman
    246 chuba hubbard
    247 jamie newman


    128 caleb farley
    132 trevor lawrence (orange)
    133 justin fields
    141 najee harris
    146 chuba hubbard


    101 trevor lawrence
    106 devonta smith
    110 najee harris (orange)
    111 travis entienne (green)
    119 patrick surtain II
    124 amon-ra st. brown


    153 michael carter (orange)
    154 chatarius atwell
    159 justin fields (green)
    162 ja'marr chase
    167 najee harris
    172 chuba hubbard
    174 javonte williams


    278 sage surratt
    280 justin fields (green prizm)
    283 ja'marr chase
    285 jaylen waddle
    289 travis entienne (silver prizm)
    294 elijah molden
    299 nico collins


    177 chris evans
    179 trevor lawrence
    182 zach wilson
    187 mac jones (green)
    190 rashod bateman
    195 tamorrion terry
    200 chatarius atwell


    252 javian hawkins
    254 kadarius toney (bronze prizm)
    255 trey sermon (silver prizm)
    256 kylin hill
    257 elijah moore
    261 zach wilson
    263 devonta smith
    269 rashod bateman (silver prizm)
    272 chuba hubbard


    351 dylan moses
    355 trey sermon
    357 sam ehlinger
    358 trevor lawrence
    359 justin fields
    361 zach wilson
    362 ja'marr chase
    367 najee harris
    370 terrace marshall jr.
    371 rondale moore
    373 jamie newman
    374 javonte williams


    51 dylan moses
    54 ian book (green)
    60 trey lance
    61 zach wilson
    64 jaylen waddle (orange)
    69 rashod bateman
    70 terrace marshall jr.
    74 javonte williams
    75 kyle pitts


    27 micah parsons (green)
    28 caleb farley (orange)
    34 trey lance
    35 zach wilson
    37 devonta smith (orange)
    42 travis entienne
    43 rashod bateman
    48 javonte williams
    49 kyle pitts
    50 azeez ojulari (green)


    2 justin fields
    3 trey lance
    6 devonta smith (green)
    11 travis entienne
    12 rashod bateman
    13 terrace marshall jr.
    16 jamie newman (orange)
    21 kenneth gainwell


    81 trey lance
    82 zach wilson
    85 jaylen waddle (green)
    85 jaylen waddle (orange)
    87 mac jones
    90 rashod bateman
    91 terrace marshall jr.
    92 rondale moore
    94 elijah molden
    94 elijah molden (green)
    95 tamorrion terry (orange)
    98 kadarius toney
    100 chatarius atwell (orange)


    377 chris evans
    380 justin fields
    382 zach wilson
    384 devonta smith
    386 kyle trask
    388 najee harris
    389 travis entienne
    391 terrace marshall jr.
    392 rondale moore
    394 elijah molden
    396 kyle pitts
    399 nico collins

    2021 Panini Prizm Draft Picks

    Base #'s:

    3,6,7,11,16,18,19,22,23,30,33,34,36,37,42,45,48,49 ,52,53,58,61,64,65,73,75,76,79,80,87,90,91,93,94,9 5,99,100,103,105,107,110,113,115,118,120,122,128,1 30,132,137,138,140,142,143,147,152,153,155,157,164 ,166,168,172,177,178,180,181,183,186,188,190,192,1 94,200


    6 tom brady (silver)
    11 kyler murray (silver)
    21 tua tagovailoa (green)
    23 ben roethlisberger (green)
    25 baker mayfield (purple wave)
    33 jordan love (green)
    49 davante adams (green)
    78 j.k. dobbins (green)
    80 joshua kelley (green)
    90 nick chubb (green)
    91 james conner (green)
    106 trevor lawrence rookie (purple wave)
    109 kyle trask rookie (purple wave)
    110 azeez ojulari rookie (green)
    127 pat freiermuth rookie (green)
    131 sam ehlinger rookie (silver)
    135 jamie newman rookie (green)
    155 tyson campbell rookie (silver)
    156 elijah mitchell rookie (green)
    161 trevor lawrence crusade (purple wave)
    162 ja'marr chase crusade rookie (green wave)
    163 justin fields crusade (green)
    171 rondale moore crusade (green)
    183 mac jones all-americans (green)
    197 carlos basham jr. all-americans (green)

    2021 Wild Card Matte

    MB-A trey sermon rookie auto

    MBC-1 trevor lawrence 5 stripe /10
    MBC-12 jaylen waddle red 20 stripe /6
    MBC-12 jaylen waddle gold 50 stripe /4
    MBC-44 carlos basham jr. green 10 stripe /8

    MRHR-2 justin fields rookie heat /18
    MRHR-10 travis entienne rookie heat (pink flame parallel)
    MRHR-10 travis entienne rookie heat /12
    MRHR-17 penei sewell rookie heat /10
    MRHR-18 micah parsons rookie heat (red flame parallel)
    MRHR-20 eric stokes rookie heat (green flame parallel)

    MXP-8 patrick surtain II x plosion (pink parallel)
    MXP-8 patrick surtain II x plosion (red parallel)
    MXP-10 caleb farley x plosion (red parallel)
    MXP-10 caleb farley x plosion (green parallel)
    MXP-17 kadarius toney x plosion /15

    MWW-10 travis entienne weekend warriors

    Purple Chase Pack (one tenth the production of the regular cards)

    MBC-2 justin fields
    MBC-5 zach wilson
    MBC-8 javonte williams
    MBC-9 najee harris
    MBC-10 travis entienne
    MBC-16 caleb farley
    MBC-17 penei sewell
    MBC-18 micah parsons
    MBC-25 davis mills
    MBC-37 elijah moore
    MBC-41 rondale moore
    MBC-44carlos basham jr.
    MBC-46 trevon moehrig
    MBC-48 andre cisco
    MBC-56 tylan wallace
    MBC-58 amon-ra st. brown
    MBC-68 jaret patterson
    MBC-70 cade johnson

    Red Chase Pack

    MSG-2 justin fields smoking guns (white card/orange flame)
    MSG-5 zach wilson smoking guns (white card/blue flame)
    MSG-5 zach wilson smoking guns (black card/blue flame)
    MSG-7 trevor lawrence smoking guns (black card)

    WWB-5 zach wilson weekend warriors (blue)
    WWB-6 trey lance weekend warriors (orange)
    WWB-10 travis entienne weekend warriors
    WWB-12 jaylen waddle weekend warriors
    WWB-14 patrick surtain weekend warriors (blue)
    WWB-14 patrick surtain II weekend warriors /185
    WWB-16 caleb farley weekend warriors (orange)
    WWB-21 kwitty paye weekend warriors
    WWB-23 jamie newman weekend warriors /185
    WWB-25 kadarius toney weekend warriors (blue)
    WWB-25 kadarius toney weekend warriors

    MXP-1 devonta smith x plode (green)
    MXP-6 jaylen waddle x plode (purple)
    MXP-6 jaylen waddle x plode (blue)
    MXP-6 jaylen waddle x plode (orange)
    MXP-8 patrick surtain II x plode (orange)
    MXP-10 caleb farley x plode (blue)
    MXP-10 caleb farley x plode (orange)
    MXP-12 micah parsons x plode (green)
    MXP-14 eric stokes x plode (orange)
    MXP-16 rashod bateman x plode (orange)
    MXP-17 kadarius toney x plode (orange)
    MXP-18 jaelan phillips x plode (blue)
    MXP-19 greg newsome II x plode (orange)
    MXP-21 jevon holland x plode (green)
    MXP-23 asante samuel jr. x plode (blue)
    MXP-25 trevon moehrig x plode (orange)

    Base #'s:

    1,5,8,9,10,12,16,17,19,20,21,22,26,28,34,35,40,41, 44,47,49,50,51,62,66,69

    2021 Wild Card Alumination



    OC-13 micah parsons (purple)
    OC-15 jaylen waddle (red)

    Light Show

    LS-46 elijah mitchell (red)


    SP-8 davis mills

    Base #'s:

    5,8,10,12,22,28,29,33,34,39,46,47,48,55,56,57,58,6 1,64,67

    2021 Leaf Trinity kylin hill rookie 2 color patch/auto

    2021 Panini Prestige

    55 d'andre swift auto (blue) /99

    SN-CK cooper kupp stars of the nfl jersey (red)

    Base #'s:

    5,7,8,11,12,17,21,23,24,34,35,37,38,47,49,50,53,54 ,59,63,65,66,69,78,80,81,91,92,94,95,101,105,109,1 10,113,114,121,125,126,127,128,132,139,140,143,147 ,151,155,156,163,167,168,170,171,182,183,185,189,1 97,198,201,205,206,213,227,228,232,236,237,244,249 ,253,261,265,268,273,277,281,288,300

    Parallels & #'D

    110 dallas goedert (purple) /149
    164 jamison crowder (green) /199
    213 jaylen waddle rookie (green) /199
    218 michael carter rookie (blue) /249
    225 tylan wallace rookie (blue) /249


    42 melvin gordon III
    87 darius leonard
    137 malcolm jenkins
    169 kirk cousins
    180 rashaan evans
    236 seth williams rookie
    261 alijah vera-tucker rookie
    290 gary brightwell rookie


    Franchise Favorites

    FF-1 saquon barkley
    FF-14 t.j. watt

    Power House

    PH-JT jonathan taylor
    PH-CY chase young

    Youth Movement

    YM-4 jonathan taylor
    YM-16 jalen hurts (green) /199

    Prestigious Pros

    PP-AW andrew whitworth (green) /199
    PP-SG stephen gostkowski

    TS-CL ceedee lamb time stamped

    AGS-JL jarvis landry any given sunday

    HR-JA jamal adams highlight reel

    2021 Score

    TB7 jaylen waddle rookie (red)

    Base #'s:

    1,2,3,7,8,10,11,12,14,15,17,19,23,24,26,28,29,31,3 3,34,35,37,38,41,42,43,44,49,50,52,53,56,57,59,60, 61,65,66,68,69,71,72,74,76,78,80,81,83,84,85,86,90 ,91,92,94,95,98,99,102,103,104,105,106,108,109,111 ,112,114,115,116,117,118,119,120,121,122,124,125,1 28,129,130,131,132,135,136,138,139,141,142,144,145 ,146,147,148,150,151,153,154,156,157,158,159,160,1 61,163,164,166,167,169,171,172,173,174,175,177,178 ,179,181,182,184,185,186,187,188,189,192,193,195,1 96,198,199,200,201,202,203,207,209,210,213,214,215 ,219,223,226,227,228,229,230,234,240,241,242,243,2 44,245,249,251,255,256,257,260,261,265,268,270,271 ,272,283,284,285,286,287,291,297,298,299,302,303,3 04,310,313,314,315,316,317,319,325,328,330,331,339 ,342,343,354,355,357,358,359,360,361,367,368,370,3 71,373,374,377,382,385,387,396,399,400

    2021 Donruss

    Base #'s:


    225 josh allen (no helmet variation)
    259 najee harris rated rookie (portrait variation)
    261 devonta smith rated rookie
    262 ja'marr chase rated rookie
    275 javonte williams rated rookie (blue press proof)
    304 tre' mckitty rated rookie (no helmet variation)

    TR-JWI javonte williams (the rookies)
    TR-TET travis entienne (the rookies)
    TR-KTO kadarius toney (the rookies)

    ESR-JWI javonte williams (elite series rookies)
    ESR-RBA rashod bateman (elite series rookies)
    ESR-KGA kenneth gainwell (elite series rookies)

    2021 Bowmans Next

    chris olave rookie (889 print run)
    desmond ridder rookie (998 print run)
    bryce young rookie (1901 print run)
    kennedy brooks rookie (327 print run)
    matt corral rookie (990 print run)
    kyle hamilton rookie (385 print run)
    tyler shough rookie (418 print run)
    jerome ford rookie (328 print run)
    kenny picket rookie (1877 print run)
    c.j. stroud rookie (1831 print run)
    bryce young rookie (6384 print run)
    kennedy brooks rookie (417 print run)
    c.j. stroud rookie (2413 print run)
    brock bowers rookie (872 print run)

    2021 Sage


    A120 josiah bronson
    A137 dax milne
    A166 austin trammell

    Base #'s:

    4,14,23,34,55,67,81,85,86,88,89,90,91,93,96,98,100 ,101,103,104,106,110,111,113,114,116,118,121,124,1 25,128,129,131,132,133,135,136,143,144,146,166,169 ,171,172,173,174,175,180

    39 chatarius atwell (next level)
    50 rashod bateman (next level)
    149 justin fields (next level)
    152 zach wilson (next level)
    156 kylin hill (next level)
    158 feleipe franks (next level)
    159 jermar jefferson (next level)
    160 trey sermon (next level)
    163 ian book (next level)
    164 khalil herbert (next level)
    165 tylan wallace (next level)

    21 cade johnson (silver)
    58 ramaud chiaokhiao-bowman (silver)
    84 kary vincent jr. (silver)
    100 blake proehl (silver)
    117 amon-ra st. brown (silver)
    118 damar hamlin (silver)
    119 branden mack (silver)
    123 jermar jefferson (silver)
    133 paulson adebo (silver)
    146 tre nixon (silver)
    148 t.j. vasher (silver)
    168 trey sermon (silver)
    174 khalil herbert (silver)
    180 trevor lawrence (silver)


    2022 sport kings gum phil simms #88
    2022 sport kings gum jim mcmahon #91
    2022 sport kings dwight stephenson #94
    2022 sport kings gum jason taylor #96

    2021 donruss optic amon-ra st. brown rated rookie (red prizm) #224
    2021 panini phoenix amon-ra st. brown rookie #131
    2021 panini absolute javonte williams rookie (by storm) BST-15
    2021 panini absolute ja'marr chase rookie (by storm) BST-5
    2021 panini illusions mac jones rookie #64
    2021 panini illusions rashod bateman rookie (emerald) #68
    2021 panini illusions javonte williams rookie #73
    2021 panini illusions javonte williams (mystique) rookie MY-15
    2021 panini illusions najee harris rookie (sparkle) #70
    2021 panini illusions terrace marshall jr. rookie (sparkle) #76
    2021 panini illusions kellen mond rookie (sparkle) #79
    2021 clearly donruss kellen mond rated rookie #57
    2021 panini mosaic kellen mond rookie (silver prizm) #321
    2021 panini absolute jaylen waddle rookie #106
    2021 panini mosaic terrace marshall jr. rookie (green prizm) #318
    2021 panini mosaic kadarius toney rookie variation (silver prizm) #312-V
    2021 panini mosaic travis entienne rookie debut (orange prizm) #253
    2021 panini mosaic rashod bateman rookie (green prizm) #310
    2021 panini mosaic rashod bateman nfl debut (silver prizm) #249
    2021 panini mosaic rashod bateman nfl debut (green prizm) #249
    2021 panini mosaic rashod bateman nfl debut (pink prizm) #249
    2021 panini mosaic elijah mitchell rookie (green prizm) #376
    2021 donruss elijah mitchell rated rookie (yellow press proof) #312
    2021 panini phoenix rashod bateman rookie #113
    2021 donruss elite rashod bateman rookie elitist RE15
    2021 donruss elite davis mills rookie #168
    2021 panini illusions davis mills rookie (emerald) #80
    2021 panini prizm rondale moore rookie #347

    2020 panini playoff jonathan taylor rookie wave (silver prizm) RW-16
    2020 panini chronicles tee higgins rookie (playoff momentum) M-11
    2020 panini select justin herbert certified rookie SCR-4
    2020 panini rookies&stars justin herbert rookie #103
    2020 panini chronicles gridiron kings justin herbert rookie GK-3
    2020 panini chronicles justin herbert rookie (luminance) #203
    2020 panini absolute justin herbert rookie
    2020 panini absolute joe burrow rookie
    2020 panini chronicles joe burrow prestige rookie #301
    2020 panini rookies&stars joe burrow ticket masters rookie (red) #11
    2020 panini select joe burrow concourse rookie #46
    2020 panini contenders joe burrow/tua tagovailoa round numbers rookie (red) RN-BT
    2020 panini chronicles tua tagovailoa classics rookie CL-2
    2020 panini chronicles j.k. dobbins prizm black rookie (silver prizm) PB-6
    2020 panini absolute j.k. dobbins rookie (green)
    2020 panini mosaic j.k. dobbins rookie (nfl debut) #275
    2020 panini select tyler johnson concourse rookie (tri color die cut prizm) #85
    2020 panini select isaiah coulter premier level rookie (purple die cut prizm) #198
    2020 panini select chase claypool club level rookie (tri color die cut prizm) #270
    2020 panini select chase claypool premier level rookie (blue die cut prizm) #170
    2020 panini select k.j. hamler concoure rookie (light blue die cut prizm) #67
    2020 panini select k.j. hamler club level rookie (tri color die cut prizm) #267
    2020 panini select tyler johnson concourse rookie (tri color die cut prizm) #85
    2020 panini select tee higgins certified rookie SCR-13
    2020 panini select cee dee lamb certified rookie SCR-7
    2020 panini chronicles cee dee lamb dynagon rookie (silver prizm) D-11
    2020 panini select cee dee lamb concourse rookie (silver prizm) #57
    2020 panini select tee higgins rookie (premier level) #160
    2020 panini select jonathan taylor premier level rookie (silver prizm) #153
    2020 panini select michael pittman jr. field level rookie (die cut prizm /355) #362
    2020 panini select michael pittman jr. concourse rookie (die cut prizm) #62
    2020 panini playoff michael pittman jr. (rookie wave) RW-14
    2020 panini select van jefferson field level rookie #371
    2020 panini select van jefferson concourse rookie (silver prizm) #71
    2020 donruss optic van jefferson rated rookie (blue prizm) #176
    2020 panini contenders draft picks cam akers (2020 draft class) #16
    2020 panini illusions cam akers rookie (sapphire) #17
    2020 panini select cam akers rookie (club level) #255
    2020 panini select cam akers concourse rookie (tri color die cut prizm) #55
    2020 panini select laviska shenault jr. premier level rookie (red&blue die cut prizm) #159
    2020 panini select laviska shenault jr. premier level rookie (orange&blue die cut prizm) #159
    2020 panini prizm laviska shenault jr. rookie #350
    2020 panini prizm jordan love rookie #363
    2020 panini select ke'shawn vaughn concourse rookie #73
    2020 panini chronicles draft picks jonathan taylor crown royale rookie (red) #37
    2020 panini chronicles draft picks a.j. dillon crown royale rookie #79
    2020 donruss d'andre swift (elite series rookies) ESR-DS
    2020 donruss d'andre swift (the rookies) TR-DS
    2020 panini chronicles d'andre swift legacy rookie (silver prizm) #208
    2020 panini mosaic antonio gibson rookie #227
    2020 panini certified jerry jeudy rookie 2020-JJ
    2020 panini select a.j. dillon club level rookie (silver prizm) #265
    2020 panini illusions a.j. dillon rookie #26
    2020 panini prizm a.j. dillon rookie (silver prizm) #364
    2020 panini chronicles james robinson rookie (prizm black) PB-16
    2020 panini prizm cole kmet rookie #305
    2020 panini prizm k.j. hamler rookie #315
    2020 panini phoenix clyde edwards-helaire fire burst rookie PSA 9 #121

    2019 donruss elite a.j. brown rookie
    2019 donruss terry mclaurin rated rookie (blue press proof) #329
    2019 panini contenders david montgomery (rookie of the year contenders) RYA-DM

    2018 panini absolute d.j. moore introductions rookie IN-DM

    2017 donruss elite mike williams rookie #120

    2015 donruss classics melvin gordon rookie (red press proof /199) #259

    2014 topps prime allen robinson rookie

    2011 topps chrome von miller rookie
    2011 topps chrome j.j. watt rookie

    2002 topps pristine t.j. duckett gold refractor rookie /79
    2002 topps pristine jeremy shockey gold refractor rookie /79
    2002 bowman chrome joey harrington refractor rookie /500

    2001 sage hit drew brees prospector rookie /599
    2001 fleer legacy deuce mcallister rookie /999
    2001 topps steve smith rookie

    2000 playoff prestige tom brady rookie /2500
    2000 ultra tom brady rookie
    2000 upper deck tom brady rookie
    2000 fleer tradition tom brady rookie
    2000 playoff absolute brian urlacher gold rookie /300
    2000 quantum leaf chris redman infinity red rookie /35
    2000 stadium club chad pennington rookie

    1999 bowman chrome daunte culpepper rookie BGS 9
    1999 upper deck encore daunte culpepper star rookie PSA 9
    1999 upper deck encore kurt warner rookie
    1999 fleer focus kurt warner rookie
    1999 crown royale kurt warner rookie
    1999 black diamond torry holt rookie
    1999 bowmans best torry holt
    1999 playoff prestige ssd torry holt rookie /500
    1999 skybox premium torry holt sp rookie
    1999 sp authentic torry holt rookie /1999
    1999 sp authentic david boston rookie /1999
    1999 bowmans best edgerrin james rookie
    1999 score ricky williams rookie
    1999 topps chrome ricky williams mystery finest rookie
    1999 upper deck retro daunte culpepper gold rookie /199
    1999 stadium club chrome donavan mcnabb rookie
    1999 bowman chrome donavan mcnabb rookie

    1998 topps gold label peyton manning rookie
    1998 bowman peyton manning rookie
    1998 pacific aurora peyton manning rookie
    1998 stadium club peyton manning prime rookies
    1998 score randy moss rookie
    1998 playoff prestige randy moss rookie
    1998 pacific aurora randy moss rookie
    1998 playoff contenders fred taylor rookie (red)
    1998 leaf rookies&stars fred taylor rookie
    1998 topps chrome fred taylor rookie
    1998 bowman chrome fred taylor rookie
    1998 ud3 fred taylor rookie
    1998 topps chrome charles woodson rookie
    1998 black diamond charles woodson rookie
    1998 e-x charles woodson rookie
    1998 playoff contenders priest holmes rookie
    1998 black diamond brian griese rookie
    1998 topps chrome brian griese rookie

    1997 topps chrome corey dillon rookie BGS 9
    1997 topps gallery jake plummer rookie
    1997 donruss preferred jake plummer rookie
    1997 e-x jake plummer rookie
    1997 topps chrome warrick dunn rookie

    1996 topps chrome eddie george refractor rookie
    1996 sp eddie george rookie
    1996 sp keyshawn johnson rookie
    1996 sp terrell owens rookie
    1996 sp marvin harrison rookie
    1996 select certified marvin harrison rookie
    1996 bowman best marvin harrison best bets
    1996 ultra marvin harrison random rookies (gold)

    1995 sp curtis martin
    1995 select certified curtis martin

    1994 pacific prisms marshall faulk rookie
    1994 pinnacle marshall faulk rookie
    1994 skybox premium marshall faulk rookie
    1994 errict rhett prime time rookies

    1993 score select drew bledsoe rookie
    1993 pacific prisms drew bledsoe rookie
    1993 upper deck drew bledsoe rookie exchange

    1991 upper deck brett favre rookie

    1990 fleer update junior seau rookie
    1990 fleer update cortez kennedy rookie

    Inserts,Parallels,& #'D

    98 collectors edge curtis martin livin large holofoil (100 made)
    Last edited by philaniceguy; 07-08-2022 at 02:15 PM.

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    Interested in Zach Wilson, what players do do want in trade?


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    Hey @philaniceguy I'm very interested in these two:

    Status 159 justin fields (green)
    Spectra 280 justin fields (green prizm)

    and kind of interested in this one, it would be a double for me but they are cool looking:

    Flux 233 justin fields (silver prizm)

    I'll send you over a PM

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    So I'm wondering if anyone has gotten a response on these. I feel like he post a ton but has yet to make a trade and 99% of the time, no response. Just wondering as there's stuff on all his post I like but never got anywhere. Just seeing how anyone else has faired. Thanks-Rick

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    Interested in this card:
    ESR-KGA kenneth gainwell elite series rookies

    What team/players are you looking for?

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    Is your Flux Micah Parsons pictured in his college uniform or his pro?
    Hidden Content ------Hidden Content
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    -Cowboys Legends (And MANY Other Cowboys) : RC, Patch Card, Auto Card
    -Legends/Favorite Players : RC, Patch Card, Auto Card

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