I have a 1968 Topps Nolan Ryan rookie that appears to be in perfect condition. I am in no way a profesional, but have been collecting cards my entire life and to me it looks perfect. I have looked at it under a loupe and the colors are solid with no print dots which tells me it's real from what I've read.
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My question is what would be the best place to have it graded to get the highest score? I've seen all the horror stories about perfect cards getting 5's and messed up cards getting 9's. On the off chance that it comes back gem mint what would be the most likely grader?

Currently there is only one psa 10 and two sgc 10's, the highest bvg is 9. Would Beckett be more likely to give it a 9.5 just to say they have one of the best examples in their pack or do they grade harsher which is why they don't have any 9.5's? Does sgc grade lighter which is why they have two 10's? Is it best to just stick with psa since they command the most value? Would submitting it through a psa dealer have a better chance since they seem to get higher scores? How and where would you submit it?

Sorry about the wall of text, I just have lots of questions.