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Thread: "00" SPx football cards needed

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    "00" SPx football cards needed

    This is my want list: 22/24/31/43/44/52/66/77/84/85 & 87

    rookies: 91/93/94/97/101/102/103/104/109/113/114/119/121/122/124/125/127/128/129/131/ & 132

    r.c. auto. jerseys: 133/134/135/138/140/141/144/145/147/148/151/156/157/158/ 159/160 &161

    Willing to trade Vicks,McAllisters, Tomlinsons, Favres, Marinos and anyone else (I've been collecting for the past 30 years.

  2. Kronozio
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    I have Dayne, but since he is my IDOL :P :P: :P, i would have to think bout it, but ya might already have it.

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    Do you serious collect daynes man. I have been collecting him for quite some time to. Ih ave 70 or so diff memorabilia cards and over 200 base cards. Check out my www for the list. If you want... i have some double dayne jersey cards i would seriously trade in your favor for daynes i dont have


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    Hey man I also am collecting the set but I have a extra patch auto/jersey its a one color piece of the number tee martin #154


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