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    Holy crap!...What'd a freakin two year old draw that!LOl that's messed up!They guy must of faked!

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    see, and i always like to hear where the COA is from. if they don't say, its a homemade COA...

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    yup, I echo Jonobono's sentiments

    gotta see about the certificate of authenticity

    at this point, and for the next few years, Bonds memorabilia will be at its peak.

    Why not wait 5 -10 years?

    ask the Griffey Jr. collectors if it would have been worth the wait now

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    lol I think I could fake one better than that...pretty pathetic

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    im gonna start printing up my own COA's and selling something like babe ruth autos... ill make some money and i will be the one that says it is real.. after all it is real pen...... however i have wondered about this,,, sometime i want to sign a baseball with my name and see if anyone buys it... just too see what happens

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    I bet some one would buy it thinking they were getting a good deal, seeing how it is an autograph/

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    Hey I bid on that thinking it was real

    ...not really but it was a funny auto to look at

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