By David Yarger
Co-Host The Chase
It’s hump day y’all, and that means another episode of The Chase is in the wraps. Today the crew welcomed Luke the Cardist on to the broadcast.

If you don’t know, Luke creates custom card art. He gets cards sent to him and creatively goes through the design process to make the cards shine and stand out even more than they do.
For example, a client recently sent Luke a LeBron James Topps 2003 rookie PSA 10. Luke cracked the slab – with the client’s permission – and began creating a design on the card that’s worth approximately $7,000.
Luke has been interested in art his entire life and was able to take his love of art and combine it with his love of sports.
“This has been the biggest blessing for me, for my art, my family. It’s been a crazy ride, but it’s been fun,” Luke said. “As the hobby continues to evolve and is looked at from a collecting point of view … art and collecting go hand in hand.”
Luke added that creating a design does take some time. He receives the card from a client, takes a picture of the card and then draws everything digitally on his iPad first. From there – after planning – he then begins work on the card.
You can see Luke out at big card shows too, as well. He said he’ll be in Dallas this weekend and then plans on attending the Mint Collective in March. He said to get eyes on his art is special to him.
“I love going to these shows and talking with people and at the end of the day getting the most amount of eyes on my artwork is the goal,” he said.
He added that being at the National was one of the most surreal experiences he’s ever had and he still to this day tries to wrap his head around.
Going back to the LeBron rookie PSA 10 card, Luke said it was a crazy experience.
“It was crazy. I was with Beckett at one of the most recent Dallas cards shows and this guy came up to me and seen my artwork … and he opens his backpack, and he has like five of these LeBron PSA 10s and he’s holding them in his hand and goes ‘Would you want to paint on one of these?’ Immediately, I was like … yeah, let’s do it,” Luke said.
Luke followed up by saying he ended up realizing him and the client who gave him the LeBron card ended up living 20 minutes away from each other. He added, part one of designing the card is done, but part two will be resealed and revealed soon.
As far as collaborating with a big company, Luke couldn’t go into specifics, but said something is definitely in the works.
To see the full interview with Luke the Cardist, check out the replay.
Also, for more on Luke the Cardist, visit his Instagram, Twitter and his website.
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