By David Yarger
Co-Host The Chase
Happy Friday everyone! We have made it to the weekend and with that means another episode of The Chase has come and gone.
Today, the crew welcomed the 2019 World Series of Poker main event final tablist, hobbyist and big Dolphins fan Garry Gates on to the broadcast.

Gates, on top of being a big-time poker player, is an avid card collector and admitted his collection is mainly all Dolphins players. What some may not know about Gates is that he sold one of the top-10 most expensive Jude Bellingham cards of all-time. Gates said the pull came from a solo rip in his office after going to a shop in Vegas – Legacy Sports Cards.
When Gates walked into the shop, he said they originally didn’t have any of the soccer product, but after further discussion, they found two boxes in the window of the display case. From there, the rest is history.
In the first pack, he hit a Bellingham out of 25 and then on the second pack, “the last card, I see the one of one on the back and I dropped the deck. I’m like, ‘You gotta be kidding me.’ So, I squeezed and saw it was the Jude and I was like this can’t be real,” Gates said.
At first, he didn’t realize how much of a banger the card was, but after a phone call to his friend, Chris, he was told it was a big time card.
As far as a connection between the poker world and the hobby, Gates said he thinks a lot of poker players get into, because it’s eerily similar to the gambling feel they get from playing.
“I think there’s probably an element of gambling and risk that come with investing in sports cards, especially on the breaking side. And I think that has a certain level of appeal for poker players and gamblers, in general. You can, similar to poker, if you run lucky, you can bank that 1 of 1 Justin Herbert black finite card that’s going to garner five figures,” he said.
Gates added that he got back into the hobby during the pandemic and it’s exciting to see the hobby market booming with collectors.
As a Dolphins fan and big Tua Tagovailoa collector, he said Tua’s market value has been very similar to his time in Miami.
“It feels as a reflection of his career in general. Everyone was tanking for Tua when he was in college; one of the most hyped prospects of all time. … First two years were as rocky as they could’ve been. He didn’t have any support, no run game, defensive-minded coach, the team tried to replace him a bunch of time, and then he finally gets the support and he’s in the MVP conversation, he’s putting up numbers that nobody in a Dolphins offensive scheme has put up in over 20 years. … So I think the market has been a mirror of this,” he said.
The crew and Gates also placed a slight wager on this weekend’s Buffalo Bills-Miami Dolphins playoff game. To see the wager, as well as the full interview, check out the full YouTube replay .
Additionally, to find more on Gates, follow him on Twitter.
Also on The Chase
At the end of the episode, the crew ripped Friday’s new release of 2022 Mosaic No Huddle Football. Some of the hits included a Cordarrelle Patterson autograph, Randy Moss and Tony Romo blues out of 75 and an Isaac Bruce out of 20.
To win all of the cards from the box rip giveaway, comment on the YouTube how many glasses of milk you think Tua can drink in one sitting.
A winner will be announced on Monday’s episode of The Chase.
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