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    This Stuff has got to GO....

    Hit my wantlist page in sig. I have a ton of easy set wants that need to finish up.

    2022 Series1 Traders...
    Base i have a bunch and yes a Franco or 2 for trade.
    Stars of MLB - Just ask i have a bunch
    Stars of MLB "Chrome" - SMLBC #4 Devers, SMLBC # 9 Betts, SMLBC #10 Chisholm Jr, SMLBC #28 Kershaw, SMLBC #29 Alonso
    87 Topps...T87-13 Mattingly, T87-15 Meadows, T87-20 Maddux, T87-26 Castro, T87-28 Kowar, T87-29 Larkin T87-38 Kershaw, T87-39 Burnes,
    T87-45 Mize, T87-53 Freeman, T87-54 Yount, T87-61 deGrom, T87-65 Story, T87-71 Yelich, T87-73 Bryant, T87-74 Ripken jr, T87-81 Bregman
    T87-83 Cabrera, T87-86 Boggs, T87-94 Ryan, T87-95 Smith

    Now Generation....
    GN-6 Ohtani, GN-8 Mountcastle, GN-10 Robert, GN-16 Lux, GN-19 Rogers, GN-25 Meadows, GN-28 Carlson

    Welcome to the Show..
    WTTS-24 Guerrero, WTTS-36 Alonso, WTTS-47 Mays, WTTS-48 Harper

    2021 Greatest Hits
    21GH-4 Trout, 21GH-8 Tatis, 21GH-19 Judge

    Flashiest Feet
    FF-5 Acuna, FF-9 Soto

    6-4 Stars
    TT-1 Bichette/Semien
    TT-4 Lindor/Baez

    DGDC-24 Clemente
    HRC- 19 Arenado, HRC- 28 Ramirez

    2022 Series 2 Traders...
    Stars of MLB- Not much but ask could have something for you.
    Stars fo MLB "Chrome" - SMLBC #32 Buehler, SMLBC # 33 Ohtani, SMLBC # 36 Mullins, SMLBC # 53 Haniger
    87TB-19 Buehler
    HRC-11 Bregman, HRC-14 Betts, HRC-25 Muncy, HRC-29 Baez

    2022 Update Series...
    Silver Packs "CHROME" T87C- 37 Wright, T87C-42 Pedroia, T87C-43 Scherzer
    87 Topps- 87TBU-3 Lewis, 87TBU-10 Abrams, 87TBU-16 Lodolo, 87TBU-32 Judge, 87TBU-35 Schwarber, 87TBU-43 Brash
    Now Generation- GN-66 Stott
    Paragons of Postseason # PP-7 Brock
    DGDC- 54 Clemens, DGDC- 65 Ott, DGDC- 58 "BLUE" Sandburg
    Black Gold - BG-8 Votto, BG-25 Soto
    Base "GOLD" #US216 Fulmer 0664/2022

    2021 Topps Series 1 Traders..
    Silver Packs "CHROME" 86BC-52 Harrison
    86 Topps-86B-3 Singer, 86B-58 Posey, 86B-87 Piazza, 86B-97 Goldschmidt
    70 Years- 70YT-18 Alonso
    Platinum Player Die-Cut PDC-23 McCovey
    Through the Years- TTY-18 Aaron

    2021 Update Series Traders..
    Silver Pack "CHROME" 86C-16 Baddoo, 86C-18 Arenado, 86C-24 Mercedes, 86C-35 Acuna, 86C-37 Griffey jr, 86C-38 Ramirez,
    86C-47 Ryu
    86 Topps- 86B-6 Harper, 86B-8 Baez, 86B-20 Campanella, 86B-22 Baddoo, 86B-29 Glasnow, 86B-42 Gilbert, 86B-45 Guerrero jr
    70 Years- 70YT-37 Yelich
    Platinum Players Die-Cut- PDC-53 Palmer, PDC-59 Marichal, PDC-61 Ford
    CNW-10 Murphy
    Base "GOLD" US183 Gibson 0015/2021
    All-Star Game Set
    ASG-4 Cruz, ASG-7 Guerrero jr, ASG-13 Cole, ASG-19 Semien, ASG-24 Crawford, ASG-26 Arenado, ASG-50 Mullins

    2020 Topps Series 1 Traders..
    85 Topps- 85-2 Ohtani, 85-6 Gallen, 85-47 Bagwell, 85-59 Yelich
    Guerrero jr Highlights- VGJ-16, VGJ-22
    Decades Best- DB-68 Bagwell
    Decades Next- DN-6 Torres
    Topps Now- TNR-4 Alvarez, TNR-6 Alonso
    HRC-18 Machado, HRC-20 Bell, HRC-30 Hoskins
    Turkey Red Reprints- TR-14,30,31,36,40,42,43,55,61,62,65,66,71,79,84,86,88 ,93,95,96,98.

    2019 Topps Series 1 Traders..
    84 Topps- T84-24 Boggs, T84-34 Bellinger, T84-60 Hosmer, T84-70 Pujols, T84-71 Arenado, T84-76 McCovey, T84-85 Blyleven
    150 Years of professional baseball- 150-99 Killebrew, 150-110 Pujols
    Acuna Highlights- RA-4, RA-5, RA-22, RA-30
    Iconic Card- ICR-2 Cobb
    Greatness Returns- GR-4 Yastremski / Benintendi
    Stars of the Game- SSB-90 Realmuto
    Topps Now- TN-1 Judge, TN-4 Torres, TN-5 Soto, TN-8 Trout
    HRC- HRC-26 Freeman, HRC-27 Altuve

    2019 Topps Series 2 Traders..
    84 Topps- 84R-AC, AD, BK, BL, BW, CB, CS, CP, CSH, DD, HF, JS, JJ, JB, KW, NB, PW, SR, TW, TR, YK
    84 Topps ALL-Star- 84AS- AJ, CF, CS, CYA, DM, FL, JD, JBE, JV, MM, MS, OA, RC, RY, TS, WCL
    150 Years Greatest Players- GP-3 Votto, GP-5 Henderson, GP-7 Molina, GP-12 Jones
    Evolution- EL-1 Gibson, ES-3 Astrodome, ET-1 Ticket stub
    Iconic Card- ICR-51 Cobb, ICR-59 Feller
    Gary Vee- GV-2 Stroman, GV-8 Johnson
    Significant Statistics- SS-8 Buxton, SS-21 Glasnow

    2019 Topps Update Series Traders
    150 Years of professional Baseball- Players- 150-12 Martinez, 150-29 Arenado, 150-34 Clemens, 150-39 Strasburg
    Moments- 150-69 Speaker
    Seasons- 150-Bench
    Iconic Cards- ICR-36 Speaker
    Family Business- FB-13 Canseco, FB-15 Tatis jr
    Perennial All-Star- PAS-48 deGrom
    Welcome to Philly Harper- BH-2, BH-8, BH-13, BH-15

    2018 Topps Series 1 & 2 Traders..
    83 Topps- 83-3 Gohara, 83-8 Tseng
    Salute- S-88 Bradley jr, S-94 Arenado
    Topps Salute- TS-14 Santana, TS-27 Mattingly
    LITM-10 Springer, LITM-26 Kluber
    Bellinger Highlights- CB-1, CB-8, CB-12, CB-25
    Longball Legends- LL-43 Jackson
    MLBA-18 Dozier (FIELDING), MLBA-36 Murphy (slugger)
    Instant Impact- II26 Pedroia
    Base "GOLD" #539 McCullers 0950//2018

    2018 Topps Update Traders..
    83 Topps- 83-5 Lucchesi, 83-18 Haniger, 83-32 Cueto, 83-39 Kemp, 83-42 Trout
    Storybook Endings- SE-1 Jeter, SE-2 Ortiz, SE-3 Koufax, SE-6 Rivera, SE-7 Ripken jr
    Don't Blink- DB-10 Altuve, DB-12 Smith, DB-23 Kiermaier
    Salute- S-7 Johnson, S-43 Kingham, S-50 McCutchen
    LITM-25 Sano
    Harper Highlights-BH-17

    2016 Topps Series 1 & 2 Traders..
    Bergers Best- BB-1 Mays, BB-8 Clemente, BB-11 Maris, BB-12 Robinson, BB-13 Ford, BB-16 Carlton, BB-18 Jackson, BB-19 Bench,
    BB-22 Morgan, BB-27 Murray, BB-55 Ramirez

    Back to Back- B2B-1 Fielder/Braun, B2B-3 Posey/Belt, B2B-6 Pederson/Gonzalez, B2B-10 Cabrera/Martinez, B2B-11 Trout/Pujols,
    B2B-14 Ripken jr/Murray
    First Pitch- FP-4, FP-8, FP-16, FP-18
    100 Years of Wrigley- WRIG-3 Maddux, WRIG-10 Musial, WRIG-13 Russel, WRIG-18 WM. Wrigley
    Pressed into Service- PIS-1 Moreland, PIS-2 Boggs, PIS-6 Musial, PIS-8 Jones, PIS-9 Ichiro
    Walk off Win- WOW-12 Marte
    Perspectives- P-2 Gonzalez, P-4 Harper, P-7 Puig, P-9 Peralta, P-13 Ichiro, P-16 Polanco, P-18 Teixeira, P-20 Howard, P-21 Ripken jr,
    P-22 Johnson, P-23 Biggio, P-24 Ryan, P-25 Smith
    Berger's Best 2- BB2-1965 Mys, BB2-1980 Smith, BB2- 1988 Glavine
    Tribute to the Kid- KID-3
    Ichiro Chasing 3K- 3000-10, 3000-15
    Record Setters- RS-3 Ortiz
    Changing of the Guard- CTG-2 Bryant
    First Pitch- FP-7, FP-15
    Hallowed Highlights- HH-8 Ripken jr, HH-10 Griffey jr, HH-12 Gwynn, HH-15 Maddux

    2016 Topps Update Traders..
    First Pitch- FP-2, FP-4, FP-5, FP-6, FP-7, FP-8, FP-9, FP-10
    Franklin- TF-13 Braun, TF-15 Abreu
    3000 Hits Club- 3000H-8 Murray, 3000H-10 Brett, 3000H-16 Carew
    Fire- F-6 Griffey, F-14 Donaldson
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    See cjo2's Items on eBay

    I have
    2018 Topps Bellinger HL #24, 27
    2019 Ohtani HL #15
    2022 Topps Welcome to the Show #26
    Would trade for
    2022 Topps Flashiest Feet #5, 7
    Let me know if this works.
    Check out my wantlist at Hidden Content
    and my tradelist at Hidden Content

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    Yes it will work for sure, Pwe is the way so post it up and i'll get them out to you. Thanks Bob (2card)

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    See cjo2's Items on eBay

    Great, PWE is good with me. Trade is posted.

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    Minnesota Twins Iowa Hawkeyes

    I could use this one.
    T87-74 Ripken jr
    I could probably pick a few others for trade bait if it makes it easier to work something out.

    May want to check my recent posts or "box breaks" on my trade site for possible hits on your wants. Thanks!

    Home - Rick's Baseball Cards (webs.com)

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    More Added

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    Hey i added some 2019 stuff in and you might want to look as i noticed a couple more inserts you might be interested in. Bob

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    St Louis Cardinals Dallas Cowboys Miami (FL) Hurricanes
    See crdal-36's Items on eBay

    I have these for you - Sorry it's not heritage but the 35th Anniv. Chipper completes your set.
    2022 Topps 35th Anniv. '87 Topps T87-59 (Chipper Jones)
    2022 Topps Update All-Star series - #ASG-8, 15, 39

    Would you trade this for them -
    2021 Update Series Silver Pack "CHROME" 86C-37 Griffey jr,

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    Last Add Sunday A.M.

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