By David Yarger
Co-Host The Chase
Happy hump day everyone! The Chase was back with another loaded episode, and we welcomed back our first-ever recurring guest Justin Underwood of Spidey Hits on YouTube.

Underwood, who has loads of experience and expertise ripping entertainment cards, joined us to discuss the new release of Marvel Studios WandaVision Hobby.
On top of that, Underwood joined us for a rip of the product and discussed the look of the cards.
Underwood said the WandaVision has a plethora of great characters and actors, which he said he looked forward to seeing in the Marvel product.
It always goes back to the autos when youre dealing with an MCU product to be able to get the autograph of your favorite actors and actresses, he said.
For Underwood, the product is bringing him a ton of excitement, because hes really only had one product to talk about for almost a year Spider-Man Metal Universe.
If youre into the movies, as opposed to the comic books, its been a lot longer than a year, he said. You recently had Into the Spiderverse, which isnt really MCU so this has been an even longer wait for those who chase the actor autos.
Underwood said the WandaVision and Spider-Man Metal do have their differences, but both include the numbered cards, PMGs and of course hand-drawn sketch cards.
That has become a staple insert for Upper Deck in a lot of their products, and thats another reason why people will be opening up this product, Underwood said.
As we went on, Underwood stuck around for our box rip giveaway of WandaVision. We pulled one numbered green card and two film cel cards, which are box hits!To win the cards we pulled from the WandaVision break, comment on the YouTube replay what your favorite part of WandaVision was. A winner will be announced on Fridays episode of The Chase.
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