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    Basketball Ft Tradelist

    Looking to trade for PC all Boston teams, Pats, Bruins ,Celtics, Sox or Damien Lillard. Pm If interest in anything listed.

    BasketBall FT 1-29-23

    Rookie Cards:

    Jalen Suggs 21 Prizm Emergent No.12 Magic
    Jalen Suggs 21 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie No.179 Magic
    Cade Cunningham 21 Illusions No.151 Pistons
    Evan Mobley 21 Prizm No.325 Cavaliers
    Evan Mobley 21 Prizm Instant Impact No.10 Cavaliers
    Evan Mobley 21 Illusions No.153 Cavaliers
    De'Aaron Fox 17 Donruss Rated Rookie No.196 Kings
    Jalen Green 21 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie No.159 Rockets
    Luka Garza 21 Donruss Optic Rated Rookie No.164 Pistons
    Bones Hyland 21 Prizm No.302 Nuggets
    Cameron Thomas 21 Prizm Green No.297 Nets
    Scottie Lewis 21 Prizm Cracked Ice N0.287 Hornets
    Miles Mcbride 21 Prizm 75th Blue No.283 Knicks
    Davion MItchell 21 Prizm Instant Impact No.19 Kings
    Davion Mitchell 21 Prizm Emergent No.25 Kings
    Corey Kispert 21 Prizm Silver No.275 Wizards
    Josh Green 21 Mosaic No.230 Mavericks
    Jame Wiseman 21 Prizm No.268 Warriors
    Lamelo Ball 20 Illusions No.151 Hornets
    Lamelo Ball/Lonzo BAll 20 Illusions Rookie Reflections No.2 Hornets/Bulls
    Franz Wagner/Dirk Nowitzki Illusions Rookie Reflections N0. 9 Magic/Mavericks
    Cole Anthony 20 Panini Illusions No.156 Magic
    Devon Dotson 20 Panini Illusions No.181 Bulls
    Isaac Okoro 20 Panini Illusions No.161 Cavaliers
    Tyrese Maxey 21 Chronicles Xr No.271 76ers
    Jaden Mcdaniels 20 Illusions No.173 Timberwolves
    Jaden Mcdaniels 20 Illusions Instant Impact No.1 Timberwolves
    Jaden Mcdaniels 20 Mosaic Orange Prizm No.235 Timberwolves
    Jaden Mcdaniels 20 Mosaic No.235 Timberwolves
    Onyeka Okongwu 20 Panini Illusions No.186 Hawks
    Jalen Smith 20 Panini Illusions No.191 Suns
    Precious Achiuwa 20 Panini Illusions No.166 Heat
    RJ Hampton 20 Panini Illusions No.190 Magic
    Obi Toppin 20 Panini Illusions No.176 Knicks
    Obi Toppin 21 Mosaic NBA Debut Orange Prizm NO.273 Knicks
    Obi Toppin 21 Mosaic NBA Debut No.273 Knicks
    Andrew Wiggins 15 Threads High Flyers No.16 Timberwolves
    Justise Winslow 15 excalibur No.159 Heat
    Carmelo Anthony 03 UD Victory Rookie Orientation No.103 Nuggets
    Stephen Marbury 97 Upper Deck Rookie Exclusives No.R15
    Trevor Ariza 04 Bowman Chrome No.108 Knicks
    Ben Gordon 04 Bowman Chrome No.113 Bulls
    Chris Webber 93 Upper Deck No.483 Warriors
    J.R. Smith 04 Bazooka No. 192 Hornets
    J.R. Smith 04 Bowman No. 122 Hornets
    J.R. Smith 04 Bowman Chrome No. 122 Hornets
    Jerry StackHouse 95 Fleer Metal Rookie Roll Call #R-8 76ers
    Tim Duncan 97 topps Finest Debuts No.101 Spurs
    Emeka Okafor 04 Bowman Gold No.152 Bobcats
    Paul Pierce 98 Topps #135 Celtics
    Tracy Mcgrady 97 Topps Finest Debuts No.107 Raptors
    Dirk Nowitzki 98 Topps No.154 Mavericks
    Jason Kidd 95 Topps Stadium Club Draft Pick No.190 Mavericks
    Antoine Walker 97 Topps Stadium Club Rookie Showcase No. RS5 Celtics
    Rasheed Wallace (2) 95 Upper Deck No. 134 Bullets
    Shawn Kemp 90 Hoops NO.279 Sonics
    Al Harrington (2) 99 Topps No.133 Pacers
    Antonio Mcdyess 95 Fleer Metal Rookie Roll Call No.R-2
    Luol Deng 05 Bazooka No.213 Bulls
    Zion Williamson 20 Panini Illusions NO.151 Pelicans
    Jalen Johnson 21 Prizm 75th Anniversary Prizm No.305 Hawks
    Jonathan Kuminga 21 Illusions King Of Cards No.31 Warriors

    Game Used/Autos:

    Day'ron Sharpe 21 Prizm Sensational Swatches RC No.SW-DAY Nets
    Michael Cage 14 Panini Threads Voices of the Game Auto #'d 93/349 No.15 Analyst
    Julius Page 04 Hit Auto No. A9 Pitt.
    Cleanthony Early 14 Totally Certified Rookie Roll Call Auto #'d41/249 No. RRC-CE Knicks
    Elfrid Payton 14 Totally Certified RC JSY #'d 17/199 No. 85 Magic
    James Ennis 14 Panini Threads Signatures AUTO/JSY #'d 145/249 No.28 Heat
    Andre Iguodola 05 Upper Deck Rookie Review Materials JSY No.RRM-AI
    Devin Harris 05 Topps Target Exclusive Hardwood Classics JSY No. HC-DH MAvericks
    Dante Exum/Bruno Caboclo 14 Panini Threads Freshman Pairs JSY #'d 51/199 No. 10 Jazz/Raptors
    Shawn Marion 01 Fleer Glossy Traditonal Threads Suns

    Stars Common & Base, Duplicates, Inserts and #'d

    Damien Lillard 21 Prizm No.173 Trailblazers
    Damien Lillard 20 Mosaic No.5 Trailblazers
    Damien Lillard 21 Select Concourse No.24 Trailblazers
    Lamelo Ball 21 Illusions No.57 Hornets
    Zion Williamson 21 Mosaic No.49 Pelicans
    Zion Williamson 20 Illusions Shining Stars No.13 Pelicans
    Zion Williamson 20 Illusions No.116 Pelicans
    Klay Thompson 21 Select Premier Level Green Purple Cracked Ice No.108 Warriors
    Klay Thompson 20 Optic Silver Wave Prizm No.49 Warriors
    Magic Johnson 21 Prizm Silver Prizm No.248 Lakers
    Kyrie Irving 21 Prizm NO.99 Nets
    Kyrie Irving 20 Panini Contenders Draft Picks No.1 Duke
    Kyrie Irving 19 Panini Contenders Optic Silver Prizm No.9 Cavaliers
    Deandre Ayton 20 Illusions No.103 Suns
    Anthony Davis 14 Threads Jersey Card No.51 Pelicans
    Jalen Green 21 Prizm Instant Impact NO. 25 Rockets
    Yao Ming 14 Totally Certified Red No. 137 #'d 203/279 Rockets
    John Wall 21 Prizm No.68 Rockets
    Trae Young 20 Illusions Astounding No.20 Hawks
    Anthony Bennett 14 Totally Certified Blue Die Cut #'d 8/74 No.7 Timberwolves
    Ray Allen 01 Ultimate Victory Red #'d 130/350 No.30 BUcks
    Paul George 14 Totally Certified Certified Skills #'d 206/299 No.15 Pacers
    Paul George 21 Donruss Optic Silver Prizm No.10 Clippers
    Paul George 21 Illusions No.101 Clippers
    Ty Lawson 14 Totally Certified Blue #'d 114/149 No.79 Nuggets
    Paul Pierce 03 Upper Deck UD Superstar #'d 184/250 No.34 Celtics
    David Robinson 97 Topps Finest Ballhawks No.20 Spurs
    David Robinson 98 Skybox Premium N0.243 Spurs
    David Robinson 14 Threads Century Greats No.8 Spurs
    Dominique Wilkins 97 Topps Finest Masters No.44 Spurs
    Dominique Wilkins 15 Excalibur Jamfest No.22 Hawks
    Horace Grant 97 Topps Finest Ballhawks No.93 Magic
    Tim Hardaway 97 Topps Finest Masters No.2 Warriors
    Alonzo Mourning (2) 94 Flair Rejector No.2 of 6 Hornets
    Alonzo Mourning 97 Topps Finest Force No.69 Heat
    Alonzo Mourning 00 Topps Finest Catalysts No.237 Heat
    Alonzo Mourning 95 Upper Deck All Star Class No. AS9 Hornets
    Rik Smits 96 Flair Showcase No.65 Pacers
    Rik Smits 94 Collectors Choice Gold Signature No.45 Pacers
    Derek Harper 94 Collectors Choice Gold Signature No.99 Knicks
    Yao Ming 03 Topps Love it Live No.LL-YM Rockets
    Yao MIng 14 Panini Totally Certified Red #'d 203/279 No.137 Rockets
    Clyde Drexler 97 Topps Finest Catalysts No.6 Rockets
    Clyde Drexler/Hakeem Olajuwon 89 Fleer All Star Game No. 164 Blazers/Rockets
    Clyde Drexler 21 Illusions No.145 Trailblazers
    Latrell Sprewell Stadium CLub Rising Stars No.2 of 12 Warriors
    Carmelo Anthony 04 Upper Deck Pro Sigs Collection No.19 Nuggets
    Carmelo Anthony 20 Hoops Premium Stock Sparkle Blazers
    Carmelo Anthony 21 Donruss Optic Silver Prizm No.109 LAkers
    Carmleo Anthony 21 Illusions No.98 Lakers
    Dwayne Wade 21 Prizm No.269 Heat
    Dwayne Wade 21 Illusions Chasing The HAll No.13 Heat
    Charles Barkley 97 Topps Finest Masters No.72 Rockets
    Charles Barkley 98 Skybox Premium Jam PAck No. 11 of 15 JP Rockets
    Charles Barkley 98 Topps Gold Label No. GL5 Rockets
    Dikembe Mutombo 94 Upper Deck Triple Double 3-D Standouts No.TD8 Nuggets
    Dikembe Mutombo 97 Topps Finest Force No.82 Hawks
    Dikembe Mutombo 94 Flair Rejector No. 3 of 6 Nuggets
    Shawn Kemp 97 Topps Finest Masters No.59 Supersonics
    Shawn Kemp 15 Excalibur Crusade No.73 Supersonics
    Scottie Pippen 90 Skybox No.46 Bulls
    Scottie Pippen (2) 94 Flair Playmaker No. 6 of 10 Bulls
    Scottie Pippen 98 Skybox Premium N0.242 Bulls
    Scottie Pippen 00 UD HArdcourt No.44 Blazers
    Scottie Pippen 97 Topps Finest Catalysts No. 1 Bulls
    Scottie Pippen 90 Hoops No. 30 Bulls
    Scottie Pippen 14 Totally Certified No.118 Blazers
    Scottie Pippen 03 Fleer Tradition Heads Up No. 2 of 10 HU Blazers
    Patrick Ewing 97 Topps Finest Force No.56 Knicks
    Patrick Ewing/Rik Smits 95 Topps Stadium Club Members Only Nemeses No. N2 Knicks/Pacers
    Patrick Ewing (2) 89 Hoops No.80 Knicks
    Michael Jordan (4) 93 Upper Deck Skylights No.466 Bulls
    Jimmy Butler 20 Illusions No.126 Heat
    Jimmy Butler 21 Illusions Emerald No.60 Heat
    Jason Kidd 95 PAcific Crown Royale Die-Cut No. DC-4 Mavericks
    Larry Bird (2) 89 Hoops No.150 Celtics
    Rasheed Wallace 04 Bowman Chrome No.30 Pistons
    Shawn Marion 99 Upper Deck Future Charge No.FC-15 Suns
    Baron Davis 99 Fleer Ultra Good Looks No. 15 of 15GL Hornets
    Baron Davis 03 Topps Highlight Zone No. HZ-12 Hornets
    Kobe Bryant (2) 03 Ud Victory No.41 Lakers
    Shaquille O'Neal 98 Skybox Premium N0.240 Lakers
    Shaquille O'Neal 93 Upper Deck Skylights No. 469 MAgic
    Shaquille O'Neal (2) 93 Upper Deck No.300 Magic
    Shaquille o'Neal 94 Stadium Club No.32 Magic
    Shaquille O'Neal 00 Fleer Tradition No.156 Lakers
    Shaquille O'Neal (2) 03 UD Victory No.42 Lakers
    Shaquille O'Neal 03 UD MVP No.73 Lakers
    Shaquille O'Neal 03 Topps No.34 Lakers
    Shaquille O'Neal 04 UD Pro Sigs Collection NO.43 Heat
    Kareem Abdul JAbbar 01 Topps 1979 topps reprint no.10 Lakers
    Kareem Abdul Jabbar 14 Threads Century Greats No.10 Bucks
    Kawhi Leonard 14 Totally Certified No.90 Spurs
    Ray Allen 97 Topps Finest Ballhawks Refractor No. 152 #'d 1066/1090 Bucks
    Ray Allen 97 Topps Finest Catalysts No.18 Bucks
    Ray Allen 99 Topps KIck Start No. KS8 BUcks
    Gary Payton 01 Ultimate Victory Starstruck No.52 Sonics
    Gary Payton 21 Mosaic All-time Greats No.291 Sonics
    Bob Wanzer 93 Action PAcked Hall of Fame No.24 Royals (ABA)
    Tracy Mcgrady 98 Bowman Best No.91 Raptors
    Tracy Mcgrady 21 Mosaic Holofame Orange No.7 Magic
    Karl Malone 99 Upper Deck Jamboree No. 12 Jazz
    KArl Malone 90 Fleer No.188 Jazz
    Karl MAlone 97 Topps Finest Finsihers NO.90 Jazz
    Karl Malone 00 UD Pros and Prospects Star Command No.Sc6 Jazz
    KArl MAlone 21 Prizm No.259 JAzz
    John Stockton 89 Hoops No.140 Jazz
    John Stockton 97 Topps Finest Masters No.33 Jazz
    John Stockton (2) 21 Illusions No.139 Jazz
    John Stockton 21 Mosaic Holofame No.13 Jazz
    Julius Erving 99 Upper Deck Basketball Heroes NO.H50 76ers
    Julius Erving 99 Upper Deck BAsketball Heroes No.H54 76ers
    Hakeem Olajuwon 95 Upper Deck Rebounding Predictor No.R22 Rockets
    Hakeem Olajuwon 98 Skybox Premium N0.239 Rockets
    Hakeem Olajuwon 89 Hoops No.180 Rockets
    Hakeem Olajuwon 89 Hoops All Star No.178 Rockets
    Hakeem Olajuwon 97 Topps Finest Masters No.48 Rockets
    Hakeem Olajuwon 00 UD pros and prospects No.29 Rockets
    Hakeem Olajuwon 00 Upper Deck Hardcourt No.20 Rockets
    Hakeem Olajuwon 21 Prizm No.265 Rockets
    D'angelo Russel 20 Illusions No.93 Timberwolves
    Kevin Garnett 01 Ultimate Victory Fly 2 Kevin No.76 Timberwolves
    Kevin GArnett 00 Upper Deck Hardcourt No.31 Timberwolves
    Kevin Garnett 97 Topps Finest Ballhawks No.61 Timberwolves
    kevin Garnett 00 UD Pros and Prospects Proactive No. PA2 Timberwolves
    Kevin Garnett 99 Upper Deck Now Showing No. NS16 Timberwolves
    Isiah Thomas 89 Hoops All Star No.177 Pistons
    Allen Iverson 04 Fleer Tradition Hardcourt Tributes No.1 of 20 HT 76ers
    Allen Iverson 99 Topps No.160 76ers
    Allen Iverson 97 Topps Finest Ballhawks No.57 76ers
    Allen Iverson 21 Mosaic HoloFame No.1 76ers
    Allen Iverson 21 Mosaic All-time Greats No.292 76ers
    Allen Iverson 21 Illusions No.130 76ers
    Allen IVerson 03 UD Victory No.70 76ers
    Allen Iverson 00 Fleer Focus 20/20 No.218 76ers
    Allen Iverson 00 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects Proactive No.PA10 76ers
    Michael Jordan 93 Upper Deck Breakaway Threats No.438 Bulls
    Reggie Miller 90 Skybox No.117 PAcers
    Reggie Miller 95 Stadium Club Super Skills No. 6 of 25 Pacers
    Reggie Miller 97 Topps Finest Masters No.49 Pacers
    Jason Kidd 97 Topps Finest Master No.95 Suns
    Jason Kidd 01 Sp Authentic No.55 Nets
    Tim Duncan 00 Upper Deck HArdcourt Court Authority No.CA4 Spurs
    Tim Duncan 00 Upper Deck HArdcourt No.48 Spurs
    Tim Duncan 14 Panini totally Certified No.109 Spurs
    Tim Duncan 15 Excalibur No.129 Spurs
    Tim Duncan 21 Prizm No.268 Spurs
    Tim Duncan 21 Prizm Cracked Ice Pink No.268 Spurs
    Dirk Nowitzki 21 Donruss Optic Winner Stays Purple No.20 Mavericks
    Dirk Nowitzki 14 Totally Certified No.38 Mavericks
    Dirk Nowitzki 04 Skybox Fresh Ink No.6 Mavericks
    Dirk Nowitzki 03 Victory Clutch Shooters No.41 Mavericks
    Vince Carter 21 Prizm Purple Wave No.246 Raptors
    Paul Pierce 04 Bowman Chrome No. 104 Celtics
    John Stockton 21 Mosaic Holofame No.13 Jazz
    jason Richardson 21 mosaic Jam Masters NO. 13 Warriors
    Grayson Allen 21 Mosaic Silver Mosaic Prizm No.17 Grizzlies
    Pj Tucker 21 Mosaic Silver Prizm No.19 Bucks
    Tony Parker 21 Mosaic Green Prizm No.282 Spurs
    Derrick Rose 21 Mosaic Green Prizm No.123 Knicks
    Devin Booker 21 Mosaic Green Prizm No.33 Suns
    Khris Middleton 21 Mosaic Orange Prizm No.105 Bucks
    Jrue Holliday 21 Prizm Dominance No.19 Bucks
    Gordan Dragic 14 Threads Floor Generals #'d 9/99 No.12 Suns
    Kevon Looney 21 Prizm No.34 Warriors
    Kevin Durant 15 Excalibur No.28 Thunder
    Kevin Durant 21 Prizm No.120 Nets
    Kevin Durant 21 Mosaic BANG No.14 Warriors
    Kevin Durant 21 Mosaic No.7 Nets
    Kawhi Leonard 21 PAnini Flux No.73 Clippers
    Kawhi Leonard 14 Panini totally Certified No.90 Spurs
    Russel Westbrook 20 Illusions No.113 Wizards
    Giannis Antetokounmpo 20 Illusions No.108 Bucks
    Giannis Antetokounmpo 21 Prizm No.1 Bucks
    Luka Doncic 21 Mosaic No.47 Mavericks
    Luka doncic 20 Illusions Amazing No.3 Mavericks
    Victor Oladipo 21 Prizm Cracked Ice No.24 Heat
    Domantas Sabonis 21 Prizm Cracked Ice No.183 Pacers
    Joel Embiid 20 Panini Illusions No.53 76ers
    Ben Simmons 20 Panini Illusions No.94 76ers
    Ben Simmons 21 Donruss Optic Express Lane Silver Prizm NO.15 76ers
    James Harden 20 Panini Illusions No.65 Nets
    Kevin Love 20 Panini Illusions No.131 Cavaliers
    Andrew Wiggins 20 Panini Illusions No.114 Warriors
    Steph Curry 21 Panini Hoops Slam No. Slam 193 Warriors
    Buddy Heild 21 Prizm No.192 Kings
    Marvin Bagley III 21 Prizm No.136 Kings
    Darius Beazley 21 Prizm No.237 Thunder
    Daniel Gafford 21 Prizm Cracked Ice NO.125 Wizards
    Pascal Siakam 21 Prizm Green No.174 Raptors
    Nikola Vucevic 21 Prizm Cracked Ice No. 100 Bulls
    Mikal Bridges 21 Prizm Cracked Ice Pink No.27 Suns
    Dario Saric 21 Prizm Cracked Ice Pink No.66 Suns
    Joe INgles 21 Prizm Cracked Ice Pink No.181 Jazz
    Alex Caruso 21 Prizm Cracked Ice Pink No.83 Bulls
    John Collins 21 Prizm Silver No.49 Hawks
    Clint Capela 21 Prizm Silver No.187 Hawks
    Deandre Ayton 21 Prizm No.4 Suns
    Fred Vanvleet 21 Donruss Optic No.1 Silver Prizm Raptors
    Bam Adebayo 21 Illusions No.62 Bulls
    Klay Thompson 21 Illusions No.106 Warriors
    Chauncey Billups 21 Illusions No. 150 Pistons
    Tyrese Haliburton 21 Illusions Operation Detonation No.12 Pacers
    Ziaire Williams 21 Illusions Instant Impact No.10 Grizzlies

    Base available of star and common players/team by request always looking to trade no matter what its always fun getting some cards in the mail

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    PM coming.

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    Utah Jazz
    See f1do_bball's Items on eBay

    Sending a PM.

    WTTF: ANY Jazz or Innovation Stained Glass I need, unused Points cards or trade bait.

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    any avail S Curry for trade?
    My goal is to collect RCs and first 5 years of every sports HOF. I'm about 35% to my goal.

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    New England Patriots
    See Louis1939's Items on eBay

    Pm sent
    My want list and trade page is here...
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    Marshall Thundering Herd Philadelphia Eagles Oakland Raiders
    See sk8fast1's Items on eBay

    Hello, I don't do much basketball, but I do have this if you're interested, I'm sure we can work out a trade.

    2001-02 Fleer Legacy Ultimate #4 Phil Esposito SP #rd 137/202 BV $20

    I have some Patriots cards listed in my inventory. I would likely be looking for football for them, however.
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    Interested in these:
    Ray Allen 01 Ultimate Victory Red #'d 130/350 No.30 Bucks
    Ray Allen 97 Topps Finest Ballhawks Refractor No. 152 #'d 1066/1090 Bucks
    Always looking for Reggie Miller cards I need.

    Top 5 Most Wanted:
    2003-04 Ultimate Collection Signatures Logos #RM Reggie Miller 1/1
    Babe Ruth game used jersey card
    Lebron James autograph
    Walter Payton autograph
    Michael Jordan Bulls autograph

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    Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Braves
    Twitter: @maschmit See maschmit's Items on eBay LinkedIn Instagram: Packrip.com Traders COMC Cards For Sale Kronozio Upper Deck ePack My traders on Flickr

    PM Sent


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