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    up to 65 CC for any deshaun foster card !

    for some of his better rookies ($7-$8 or better) I could give all 65 of my CC points. If you have one of the less expensive rookies, I would give slightly less. LMK what you have!

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    dunno if you need this or not
    02 pacific adrenaline adrenaline rush Deshaun Foster #2
    if you do just make an offer thanks

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    I need it. What's the BV? That would determine how much CC I could offer for it.

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    It has a BV of $1.50. I could offer 20 CC for it. PLMK if that's good with you.

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    i could do it for 20cc lmk thanks

    ps im new to SCF so im not really sure how to work trades..hope you understand

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    CC has been sent. I sent you a PM with my address. Thanks!

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