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Thread: Quad Jersey Card 1/1

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    Quad Jersey Card 1/1

    Hi everyone I am selling a 1/1 quad fleer authentix jersey card on ebay thought you guys might want to see it the link is below tell me what you think.

    quad jersey card 1/1

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    That's a sweet card man. Espiecally the Vince a piece of the nba logoman. nice card

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    hey thanks for the complement on the card

    oh yeah for everyone else I forgot to mention I am willing to do a buy it now on this item and sell it early to anyone that wants to offer a price thats reasonable

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    nice card u pull it out of a pack??????????? i love the VC logoman

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    andrade are you talking about the spgame used stuff or the quad jersey

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    cmon any offers anyone I really need the money that is the only reason why i am selling it

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