Hey guys.

I have a 1986 Garbage Pail Kids Series 4 wax box and a PSA 9 Adam Bomb for trade.. I've had both the box and the Adam Bomb for a while now and it's time to move on from GPK entirely for me, lol. I generally collect sports cards - more specifically - vintage baseball, and hockey so GPK are a mismatch for my collection and I figured there are some collectors out there that would appreciate this stuff more than I do... I basically only picked these two items up for nostalgic reasons, lol. I mean I grew up collecting GPK back in the 80's when I was a kid so it's pretty nostalgic to have them but I'd rather have sports cards, lol.

Unfortunately the box is 8-packs light from being a complete wax box. It was complete when I bought it but I opened 8 packs for nostalgia reasons, lol - but don't worry - there are 40 left. I still have the cards/stickers and wrappers from the packs I did open and they will be included with the box, and the box and packs themselves are really minty - you can tell the box was recently pulled from a sealed case - so all of it is mint. No wear or anything like that..

Anyway, I'm looking for hockey and vintage baseball in return. I'm only looking for stars, rookies and HOF'ers post 1980 and generally am only interested in baseball pre-1990, but I'll have a look at mid or higher-end baseball post 1990.. And like I pointed out - I'm looking for any hockey if it's rookies, stars and HOF'ers - especially vintage and 90's inserts, parallels and serial numbered cards..

Now, I would really like to trade both the box and the Adam Bomb as a "lot of 2" or a "collection" but I could break the "collection" apart - I'd rather not - but I would consider trading packs, the Adam Bomb and the box itself in different trades.