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    Hude Lot of Uncertiifed Baseball Autographs for trade!

    I have a few UNCERTIFIED baseball autographs that I would like to either sell or trade for CERTIFIED autographs. Here are the autographs I got for trade...

    Albert Pujols !!
    Yogi Berra
    Jason Giambi
    Al Kaline
    Duke Snider
    Torii Hunter
    Hank Blalock
    Sammy Sosa ( with COA )
    Kirby Puckett ( signed postcard )


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    I would like to trade for certified autographs but the link on your site to the certoified autographs is not working.

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    Dude Im not gonna trade you a certified autograph for a uncertified autograph. Its just never gonna happen. Sorry.

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    I like the Pujols not matter what?Did you get it your-self?I have some nice young guys like Vernon Wells, and a few certified autos too. Check my site for cert autos!

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