Topps is doing a buyback program for the UFC 300. This is the first time Topps and the UFC are doing a buyback program for cards. Topps recently acquired the license for UFC trading cards just months ago, adding to it’s arsenal of trading cards licenses.
Starting on April 14th, the Topps Buyback Program will begin for UFC 300. Topps and participating hobby shops, including Dave & Adam’s will be buying back 2024 Topps Chrome UFC cards featuring the winner of the UFC 300 Main Event. In return for the winners cards, collectors will receive Topps credit.
How it works is simple. First, begin collecting 2024 Topps Chrome UFC cards and the Main Event Fighters. Once the winner of the Main Even is announced, you can bring those 2024 Topps Chrome UFC cards to Dave & Adam’s retail store or submit them online through Dave & Adam’s website. You can then exchange those cards in for Topps credit.
Base cards of the Main Event winner are $20 dollars. Then Prism, Negative, Magenta, Sepia, X-Fractor, and Purple are $40. After that, cards numbered greater than 100, including Speckle, Aqua and Blue are $100. Cards numbered less than 100 including the Green, Blue Wave, Gold, Orange, Black, Red and the Superfractor are worth $200 of Topps credit.
You can find boxes of 2024 Topps Chrome UFC cards on Topps and Dave & Adam’s website.

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