I keep most of my cards in boxes and don't really have anything out on display, I also never really liked binders and regular nine pocket pages. Lately, I have been seeing more and more binders for top loaders over the last year and about a month ago I finally bought two for my Marvel PC. I really like them and how my PC looks in it, and will be getting a few more to finish my Non-Sport PC, as well as some of my Newfoundland and Labrador PC.

I found that even with close to 216 cards per binder they are not all that heavy, and the zipper on the binders are really nice too and will help to keep dust off the cards. Although I may look at a 20 page version for 360 cards for my NL PC.

Here is how the PC looks now, a few gaps for cards I still need to complete sets. I’m not going to show all 48 pictures in the thread, but they are all in my Flickr: Binder Album

Always looking for more cards to fill out my Fleer Retro, and add to my Deadpool, Marrina, and Alpha Flight personal collections.

My Non-Sport Traders can be found in my Flickr: Trader Flickr Albums.