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    U have to see this counterfeit.

    Check this guy out. This is when it was bought.

    This is it being sold.

    Glad I check Beckett out every now and again, because this is where I found it.


  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Wow! that is great detective work. You should email the seller and show him the scan you have. He will probably S*** his pants. LOL

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    Maybe someone needs to report this to eBay,Playoff,and Readers write in Beckett and also contact the seller.Would make an interesting story.


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    Knight302, I agree this person needs to be reported and that buyer with the $99.00 bid should know also!

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    I emailed ebay and the high bidder. I hope the bust the guy. But, it was not my detective work, I am not taking credit. Someone on the Beckett board reported it.

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    I think he ended the auction early or ebay ended it and now I cant see the picture of the 2nd auction:( .... O well, good job detectives!!!


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    I like this in his description,"I am also a Beckett Regional Correspondent".Think Beckett needs to know about this individual? Would they want someone like this being a correspondent and representing them by so stating?


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    nice job to all of you who took the time to report the person!!

    very nice!!

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    what was the deal with the card??????Was it the Stitchin?????

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