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    I have a bone to pick with Fleer

    ok i pulled a redemption card out of a pack of 2002/03 fleer ultra basketball. the redemption was for a chris wilcox rc. well i sent it in and today i got the card. it was pretty fast service. i sent the card in about three weeks ago, so i was happy to get it back so quickly. the only problem was that fleer sent the card in an envelope with a top loader with no penny sleeve. a corner of the card is dinged.
    if i sent it in with a note, would they send me another one or is this just unfortunate and i'm stuck with it? i don't really know how the redemption thing works, so if i sent in a redemption card would they have enough to send me one that is in better shape? any help would be appreciated.

    ps i know i should be happy that i just got the card in the first place, but what should i do?

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    You can send the card back with a note explaining what happened. They'll destroy your card and make a new one with the exact same serial number.


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    I agree. You got the card, but they really owe you a card in the same condition as one that comes out of a pack. Send it back, with a polite note, and I bet they take care of it.

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