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Thread: 21 pack 03-04 EX Bust

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    21 pack 03-04 EX Bust

    Rcs: Delfino
    Net Assets Non-GU (1:30): Jason Richardson
    Behind the Numbers GU (1:10): Kwame Brown (white), Latrell Sprewell (white), Tyson Chandler (black), Vince Carter (white)
    Behind the Numbers GU Gold: Kevin Garnett 033/150 (blue)
    Net Assets GU (1:12): Chris Webber (purple), Dajuan Wagner (white), Paul Pierce (white)
    Essential Credentials Now: Dajuan Wagner 04/67

    Good thing I decided to buy packs instead of getting a box :-)
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  2. Kronozio
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    great pulls! ill have to buy a pack to check it out.

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    8 game used and a credentials out of 21 packs
    why do some people have all the luck?

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    Given the odds, that is amazingly lucky! Good job, nice pulls...

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    you did good, you get 4 gu'd per box, and appx 3 rc' picked very good, what did they tax shop is selling for 6 bones each, of course I get a discount...

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    yeah they do, they just add it in the prices and just say a total.

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    $6 a pack seems high for this...the box I bought (see box break section) was only $85, and I think packs may have been $4.50 or so. Maybe because its new, some dealers are charging more...

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