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    6 Autos /9#d Manning, K. Jones, G. Jones, Schaub, R. Williams, Jenkins

    Looking for offers on this card once again. I gave up $650+ in Bv, and $350 CV but I obviously over traded. I had offers of $200 and $220 cash value when it was listed, looking for a bit more than that. Depending on how many cards and wat the card is Id need $400-$500 BV. Card is /9#d 2004 Prime Pairings RC and $150 BV on the Julius Jones.

    2004 Spx AUto Jersey Julius JOnes RC $150

    2005 Leaf Limited AUto Patch 25/25#d (2 Color) Carnell Williams RC $200

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Caddy Auto Patch has also been traded. Anyone else need the 6 Auto card or the Julius Jones?

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