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Thread: Buying Twins Stuff!!!

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    Buying Twins Stuff!!!

    Okay I want current and hof stuff. I'm buying rookies, gus, and autos. Let me know what you have. ON the rookies I'm not going to pay a whole lot of money.

  2. Kronozio
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    well i have a 2002 Bowman Gold Liriano RC... lmk your best price..

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    sorry I should of listed in my first post. I dont want any Liriano stuff. I think that he is damaged goods.

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    Im not exactuly sure I think it was 80.00 or 100.00 but I dont have a Beckett in front of me.

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    what year and stuff is it. I will check. I might be very intrested looking for a mauer auto.

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    okay gotta run across the street and eat. I will talk with you in a bit.

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