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    Brodeur Jersey/Stick For Sale/Trade

    Here It Is:

    01-02 Parkhurst Martin Brodeur Stick/2 Colour Jersey Card #PSJ-08..BV $160.00

  2. Kronozio
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    What are you looking for. That is one f-ing sweet card, where did you find that one?

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    a guy e-mailed me and he was collecting the 02-03 BTP All Star Jersey Cards Set and I had a brodeur BV $ he offered me this Brodeur for it and i said "Hell Yea!" lol as for what I'm looking for...CuJo of course, other high end game used or a solid, fair cash offer

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    i dont know if i have anything you like or not, but go ahead and check out my list and let me know if i have anything that tickles your fancy

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    Take a look at my tradelist. I got a bunch of stuff that might interest you.

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