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Thread: Turco Blocker W/ String

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    Turco Blocker W/ String

    Ok Finally I Have A Scan Of One Of My Coolest Cards

    Its A 01-02 Between The Pipes Blocker Marty Turco #GG-13 $75.00

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    What are you looking for for this card? I think im in love!!! Nah just kiddin my g/f means more to me but still interested in trading it?

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    im interested, maybe we can finally work out a deal with the chromo cujo, wut else do u want from me?

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    phantom - no offense but please dont try to tell me my prices..i know what it says in the beckett and I also know what a Beckett Price Guide Rep. said when I e-mailed him about a multiplier..1.5x

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    ok, im sorry but if i want to trade for it, i want the right price...ther is no multiplyer and if it was 1.5 times, it would be worth $60 then

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    yes the bv has changed recently as did my brodeur...if u wana to trade for the Turco I'd need $50 in trade..sound reasonable?

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