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    MANY FB cards for sale (ROOKIES+SETS)

    I have the following complete sets excluding Broncos and Titans/Oilers for sale only.
    Set Notables
    1993 Bowman (Bledsoe RC)
    1995 Pacific (Sapp RC)
    1995 Playoff Absolute
    1995 Skybox Impact (Sapp RC, D.Brooks RC)
    1996 Collector's Choice (R.Lewis RC, M.Harrison RC) (no 49ers)
    1997 Collector's Choice (Dillon RC, Gonzalez RC) (no 49ers)
    1997 Upper Deck (Dillon RC, Gonzalez RC)
    2000 Impact (S.Alexander RC, J.Lewis RC, M.Bulger RC, T.Brady RC, C.Pennington RC)

    I also have team lots of every Team but Broncos and Oilers/Titans.

    And many Good Rookie Singles

    Please let me know. Or if you want to trade for a TV (at least 25") i am up for that too.

    Or if you want to buy my entire collection i will do that too, not looking fo too much ($250-$300), for over 5,000 cards, including MANY great Rookies.
    (also will trade for $100 and a 25" TV)
    I need money for a new TV and for same eBay items i bought.

    if you want the collection, it includes and ENTIRE 91 Ultra set (Favre RC), and The 91 Topps Stadium Club Favre RC $70 BV)
    My cards i would say including the RC's the BV is around $800+

    PayPal is accepted!!!!!!!

    Let Me KNOW,

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    just so everyone knows, i have NO 2001, 2002 or 2003 rookies. I am Looking to get rid of ALL of my cards at ONCE.

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