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Thread: Looking For Kharlamov

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    Looking For Kharlamov

    im lookin for his RC's, game used, and autos (dont think ther are any)

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    there are 2 rc's and no gu or autos...and i do believe we're all looking for him lol

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    A Kharlamov PH Rookie like mine sold last nite for $28.00.

    I haven't seen an BAP cards, there can't be many jerseys arouund anymore, only those that Canadians were able to wrangle out of the CCCP in the Mid-Seventies.

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    kharlamov's 02-03 cards:

    2002-03 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia Jerseys 39 Valeri Kharlamov
    2002-03 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia Numerology 19 V.Kharlamov/I.Kovalchuk
    2002-03 BAP Ultimate Memorabilia Vintage Jerseys 39 Valeri Kharlamov
    2002-03 Parkhurst 250 Valeri Kharlamov RC
    2002-03 Parkhurst Bronze 250 Valeri Kharlamov
    2002-03 Parkhurst Heroes NH1 I.Kovalchuk/V.Kharlamov
    2002-03 Parkhurst Silver 250 Valeri Kharlamov

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    When I said there can't be that many Kharlamov Jerseys around, I did not mean Jersey Cards, I meant real Jerseys.

    Many Canadian Collectors have CCCP, Dynamo and Siviet Red Army Jerseys that they botugh when in Russia, but I heard that they are very hard to come by.

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    LOL....i knew what you meant. i was just simply giving phantomkid21 a list of all kharlamov's cards from 02-03

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