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    Just busted box 06 sp authentic not to bad!!!

    Just busted a box of 2006 sp authentic football
    and recived

    RC dede dorsey #750
    RC elvis dummerville #1399

    auto rc of greg jennings #1175
    auto RC brodrick bunkley auto #25
    auto patch of jason Avant(one color just white)

    not to bad
    how did i do????

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Best I have seen thus far~ out of this crap


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    I keep seeing 3 autos out of these boxes, I thought I read only 1 per box?? Hmmmm
    Not a bad break though, except those #ed Rookies...never heard of them...Elvis


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    not bad considering ud is putting out alot of garbage these days if you can,t tell i am not happy with ud right now

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    Nice break man....if you're trading the Jennings, I'm very interested.

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    I opened up a case of it and pulled a young auto thats all but it is very nice. I puuled a kolfinstein patch, kellen clemons patch and calhon and jackson. I am trying to get the set so do you want to trade or sell your pulls. Let me know i will offer good for them
    thanks brandon

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