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    Selling My Baseball, Auto's/GU'd/RC's and SPs W/Pics!!

    Hey all, i'm getting out of Baseball and am looking to sell what i have left.
    Please take a look at my Photobucket and let me know what your interested in, prices are all listed above the picture(except for Multi Card pics, Make an offer on those).
    I accept pretty much any form of Payment, Paypal, Cash, MO. ALL prices are DLVD and not totally set in stone.
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  2. Kronozio
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    hey...did you get my cards yet??? how much for the jeter rc's???

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    Corys havent gotten them yet, I have them all sent to my work where i usually am all day...but we kinda got too much snow today. So i havent checked.
    I can do 7 for both the Jeter RC's

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    well i am interested in the james and anthony rcs

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    Teddy - i'm mainly looking to trade my other sports. But feel free to make an offer

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    Teddy its ok...if u want to make me an offer on them we can go from there

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    I need some trade bait and have a little bit of paypal (around $40.00). I'm not sure if you are willing to give anything up for that price but let me know.

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    Navarreda Just take a look at my Photobucket and let me know what ya like and we can go from there...i do have prices listed above the cards

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