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Thread: Weird Heritage Blaster

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    Weird Heritage Blaster

    Made Dean's List and rewarded myself with junk... best card was a Mantle base... the RCs and Draft Picks were garbage, and the "chrome" cards, or whatever they are, were too. However, half of the latter were screwed up. The back of one card says Jeremy Hermida, but has a picture of Bonderman... the back of another is Markakis while the front is Beltran... The back of the third is Piazza and the front is Burrell... The back of the final card is Bonds and the front is Glaus. So there you have it: More retail junk. Has anyone else noticed these errors?

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    wow ive never seen so many errors in one blaster box

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    Lol... I checked... they're just as thick as the other chrome cards.

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    check with a dealer of somekind or email bowman....

    see if there worth anything

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    I'm just going to assume they're not. Usually only RCs with errors hold value.

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