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    buying commons, bowman chrome, inserts, game used, & autos.. paypal is ready!

    here is my buy list.. price is per card. just lmk how many of each you have. price includes shipping

    EDIT: inserts should ahve a bv of at least 1$ each
    inserts (1995-2000): 8 cents each
    inserts (2000-present): 10 cents each
    inserts (serial numbered): 15 cents each
    inserts (BV of 12$ or over): 10% BV

    game used (unumbered or numbered above 100): $1.15
    game used (serial numberd to 100 or below): $1.25
    game used (dual swatch): $1.50
    game used (triple swatch): $1.75
    game used (quad swatch): $2.50
    game used (patch): $1.50

    edit: no minor league stuff or 96 leaf signature
    autos (unnumberd or numbered above 100): $1.25
    autos (numbered to 100 or less): $1.50
    autos (dual signature): $2.00
    autos (triple signature): $5.00

    bowman chrome and chrome draft rookies (2002-present): 3 cents

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  2. Kronozio
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    want to get a quick example

    example: 1997 finest SILVER version.. 8 cents?

    and are you just looking for baseball?

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    yeah 8 cents for each of those but if i were to take a bunch of pre 2000 inserts id also like to get some post 2000 inserts gu autos etc etc... right now im just looking for baseball.


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    Jay, those prices are for any inserts in the years listed PLMK Jerry

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    jay.. I dont know exactly what I have.. but is it worth my time to go through them if I dont have much of the past few years?

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    Hi, James

    How many commons can you take? I have about 5 of 5000 box full. They are all from last couple of years. Since I'm in NY City, I could deliver to you & save some shipping.

    Also, I have ton of inserts to sell but too many to list. I could bring them with the commons & you could take a look.

    If you have any questions, please call me. I'll pm you the number.


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    just posted same massage twice.. sorry
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    thanks for the responses guys but someone already took care of me with the commons so i no longer need anymore of them.

    jerry and gary - the prices listed are for the inserts. please note though that im not looking for a 500 ct lot of 95 score gold rush parallels. i trust you guys to use your best judgement. when i say inserts im mainly talking things that come 1:4 packs at least. you can have parallels that come 1 per pack but i would not like to get to many of them unless they are at least decent palyers.

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    Do you consider semi stars as decent players, also the auto I hav are from 96 leaf if they qualify. PLMk and I'll get back with you soon. Jerry

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