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    Done Trading for today thanks

    Done Trading for today thanks

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    I will send first if you have good feedback by the way

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    would you be at all interested in buying? i have some chris brown stuff (autos mostly) i could part with but i didn't see anything on your tradelist that i could use. lmk thanks necron

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    Sorry don't really have any money to spend right now, thanks

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    I really would like one of the Whitner auto's. I don't have anything that you're asking about now, but you never got back to me yesterday about base lots and I do have a lot of auto/jersey stuff on my page. Please let me know.

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    Would you be interested in buying them, and I actually don't need to trade those others, so everyone else I am not interested, except for colts who pmed me and you.

    So are you willing to buy them? I can send first, thanks

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    Sorry, I'm really not interested in buying unless you can undercut eBay (which is tough to do, I know).

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    Also would you be interested in any other Whitners or the Bills above?

    Here is my list of Whitners:
    Thread Reatil Blue /200
    2 Topps Chrome Refractors
    Absolute Spectrum Auto /150
    Donruss Classics Gold Auto /100
    Bowman Sterling Refractor /199
    Bowman Gold Rookie
    Bowman Grey Rookie
    UD Rookie Exclusives Star Rookie
    Topps Total Rookie
    Topps Rookie
    Finest Rookie

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