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    Question... Demtrius Williams Donruss Letterman card

    I was wondering about what BV to put on a Donruss Threads Patch letter"I" that is autographed? Are these cards limited to the amount of letters in the players name? I can't find any information on them...

    thanks for any help

  2. Kronozio
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    I'm pretty sure in reading up on these that yes, they are limited to # of letters in the players name, im pretty sure of this. So it looks like you got #/8, sick f'n pull man. And after a quick search, it looks like it could be out of 10 as well, not too sure, the info im looking at isn't giving me a definite answer. Hope this helps

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    i think that they are numbered to the low 200s on average unless you got a special one thats numbered lower. i thought it would say on the card

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    Demetrius Williams is #d/160 which means there are 20 of each letter, if the # is 2,10,18,26,etc.. it is the 1st I, if it is 5,13,21,29,etc.. it is the 2nd I

    BV is $50

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