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    2 Brian McCann rookies FT! Topps Chrome Traded + Refractor

    I was never a big fan of rookie cards so I thought I would offer these two up to see what I can get to augment one of my other collections.

    2003 Topps Chrome Traded Brian McCann #209 ($12)
    2003 Topps Chrome Traded Refractor Brian McCann #209 ($50)

    Looking for stuff in my sig.

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    Since I'm mostly a rc guy myself, I probably wouldn't have anything you'd want, but would you be willing to sell them? How much would you want?

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    Now you pull this out!! :) I really need the refractor. I hope we can work out something. Let me see what other Braves stuff I have. Michael

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    tvalxctrack123: Not really looking to sell. About the only rookie cards I collect are serially #'d. If you have anything like that Braves related, PLMK

    Mike1870: I thought I sent you a link to my entire Braves collection, guess you should have been more thorough when looking. LOL, just kidding! LMK what you can dig up.

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    I found these so far:
    2004 SP Legendary Cuts Eddie Matthews Ultimate Swatches GU
    2004 Bowman Chrome Anthony Lerew BLUE REF #/299 RC
    2004 Bowman Chrome Anthony Lerew REF RC

    I will look for more. Michael

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    Here, check my list anyways.

    2000 Bowman Draft Picks Grady Sizemore rc auto-$250 (x2) ( VHTG)
    2004 Diamond Kings Hong Chih-Kuo bat/bat/auto #ed to 15-$150 ( pending sale on ebay)
    2001 SPX Mark Teixeira rc auto-$150 ( VHTG)
    2001 Travis Hafner SPX rc auto/jersey-$125 (x2) ( VHTG)
    2001 Leaf Limited Mark Teixeira rc auto #ed to 500-$100 ( VHTG)
    2001 Bowman Travis Hafner rc auto-$80 ( VHTG)
    2004 Bowman Sterling Jeremy Sowers refractor rc auto #ed to 199-$80
    2003 Bowman's Best Felix Pie rc auto-$60
    2004 Fleet Hot Prospect Jeremy Sowers auto #ed to 250-$60
    2003 SPX Josh Willingham rc auto #ed to 1224-$50
    2005 Bowman Chrome Kevin Melillo blue refractor rc auto #ed to 150-$50
    2004 Bowman Sterling Scott Kazmir rc auto/jersey-$50 ( HTG)
    2003 Bowman Chrome Ryan Shealy rc refractor auto-$50 ( HTG)
    2003 Upper Deck Prospect Premiers Adam Miller rc auto-$60 ( VHTG) (x2)
    1997 Bowman Tom Fordham rc gold signature auto-$40
    2005 Bowman Sterling Phil Humber rc auto/jersey refractor #ed to 199-$40
    2003 Donruss Signature Rickie Weeks rc auto #ed to 200-$50
    2004 Donruss Elite Die Cut Aspirations Jeremy Sowers rc auto #ed to 100-bv-$50 ( VHTG)
    2004 Sp Prospects Jeremy Sowers/Tom Glavine Links to the future dual auto #ed to 100-$40
    2004 Sp Prospects Jeremy Sowers/Scott Lewis dual rc auto #ed to 175-bv-$30
    2004 SP Prospects Jeremy Sowers/Justin Howman dual auto #ed to 175 ( x3)-bv-$30 each
    2004 Sp Prospects Jeremy Sowers/Chuck Lofgren dual auto #ed to 175-bv-$30 ( VHTG)
    2004 Donruss Elite Jeremy Sowers rc auto #ed to 537-$30 ( HTG)
    2004 Bowman Sterling Jeremy Sowers autograph-$30
    2004 Donrus Elite Jeremy Sowers Turn of the Century auto #ed to 250-$40
    2002-2003 Topps Pristine Mike Dunleavy auto-$30
    2005 Bowman Chrome Eric Nielsen blue refractor rc auto #ed to 150-$30
    1999 SPX Xavier Nady rc auto-$25
    2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Jeff Francis rc auto-$25
    2006 Bowman Chrome Fausto Carmona auto refractor-12
    2002 Press Pass Darius Miles auto-$20
    2000 SPX Preston Wilson rc auto (x2)-$15 each
    2005 Bowman Jeremy Sowers autograph-$15
    2003 Leaf Certified Materials Fernando Cabrera auto #ed to 50-$15
    1999 Bowman Jason Conti auto-$10
    2001 Donruss Signature Ricardo Rodriguez-$10
    2006 Bowman Draft John Drennen SOFT auto-$10
    2001 Donruss Elite Cory Aldrige auto #ed 1000-$10
    1998 Donruss Signature Millenium Marks Ellis Burks auto-$15
    2003 Donruss Classics Jose Castilllo auto-$8
    2002 Brandon League Bowman's Best auto-$8

    non-autotgraphed Rookies
    2002 Bowman Chrome Travis Hafner rc xfractor-$120 ( HTG)
    2001 Donruss Elite Victor Martinez rc #ed to 410-$120 ( HTG)
    2001 Bowman Chrome Ichiro Suzuki rc refractor-$100 ( HTG)
    2001 Donruss Elite Mark Teixeira rc-$80 ( VHTG)
    2002 Bowman Chrome James Loney rc refractor #ed to 300-$80
    2001 Bowman Chrome Travis Hafner rc refractor-$60 ( VHTG)
    2001 Bowman Chrome Travis Hafner rc refractor BCCG-10---$60 ( HTG)
    2001 Donruss Elite Travis Hafner rc-$60 ( HTG)
    2000 Bowman Draft Picks Grady Sizemore BGS 9.5 rc
    1995 Bowman's Best Andruw Jones rc-$50 ( HTG)
    2001 Bowman Chrome Hank Blalock rc refractor-$40
    2003 BC Blue Refractor Andy Marte rc-40 ( HTG)
    2003 BC Refractor Andy Marte rc-30
    2003 Bowman Chrome Draft Adam Miller rc refractor-$25 ( HTG)
    1999 Bowman Chrome Alfonso Soriano rc-$25
    1997 Bowman Chrome Miguel Tejada rc-$25
    2003 BCDP X-fractor Andy Marte #/130-25
    2001-2002 Topps Chome Refractor Shane Battier rc-$25
    2003 Topps Chrome Franklin Gutierrez gold refractor rc-20
    2002-2003 Flair Mike Dunleavy rc #ed to 750-$15
    2003 Stadium Club Andy Marte Photo proofs rc-15
    1997-1998 Topps Finest Tim Duncan rc-$15
    2002 Donruss Elite Extra Edition Status #ed to 35 Nook Logan-$15
    2006 Topps Turkey Red Black Kenji Johjima rc-$12
    1995 Bowman's Best Chris Carpentar rc.-$12
    2003 Topps Chrome Traded Brian McCann rc-12
    2000 U.D. Ovation Darius Miles rc #ed to 2000 PSA 8-$10
    2003 Studio Hong-Chih-Kuo rc #ed to 1500-$10
    2001 Fleet Platinum Mark Prior rc-$8
    1996-1997 Collector Choice Kobe Bryant rc-$8
    2005 Bowman Matthey Kemp gold rc-$8
    1996-1997 Fleer Kobe Bryant rc-$8
    2003 Bowman Andy Marte rc-3
    2003 Bowman Chrome Andy Marte rc-12
    2003 BDP Andy Marte Futures Game GU-10
    2003 Andy Marte rc Topps Gold #/2003-15
    2003 Topps Chrome Andy Marte rc-10
    2003 Topps Gallery Andy Marte rc (no necklace)-5
    2003 Topps Gallery Andy Marte rc (with necklace)-8
    2003 Topps Gallery Artists Proof Andy Marte rc (with necklace)-10
    2003 Topps Heritage Andy Marte rc-12
    2003 Topps Heritage Chrome Andy Marte rc-12
    2003 Topps Stadium club Andy Marte rc-4
    2003 Topps Stadium Club Gold Andy Marte rc-8
    2003 Topps 205 Andy Marte rc-4
    2003 Topps 205 Sovereign Andy Marte rc-8
    2003 Topps 205 Polar Bear Andy Marte rc-12
    2002 Donruss Elite Mike Williams rc #ed to 400-$8
    1994 Upper Deck Michael Jordan baseball rc-$8
    2002 Bowman Silver Jonathan Wells rc-$8
    2002 Bowman Chrome Draft Larry Broadway xfractor rc #ed to 150-$6
    2001 Upper deck Travis Hafner rc-$5
    2005 Bowman's Best Melky Cabrera rc-$5
    2002 Fleer Platinum Kaz Ishii rc-$5
    2001 Leaf Limited Willie Harris rc #ed to 1000-$5
    2005 Bowman Chrome Russ Martin rc-$5
    2001 SPX Duaner Sanchez rc #ed to 1500-$5
    2000 SPX Sun Woo Kim rc #ed to 1600-$5
    2001 Bowman's Best Joe Thurston #ed to 2999 rc-$5
    2003 Topps Chrome Franklin Gutierrez rc-$5
    2003 Adam Miller Bowman Chrome Draft- $8 each ( x8)
    2002 Fleer Premium Andre Davis rc #ed to 1250-$4
    2001 Topps Travis Hafner rc-$4
    2004 Bowman Chrome Draft Conor Jackson-$4
    2001 Prospect Premiers Bobby Crosby-$4
    1987 Topps Bo Jackson rc-$3 (x3)
    2001 Prospect Premiers Jeremy Bonderman rc-$3
    2003 Bowman draft Adam Miller rc-$1.50 (x2)
    2005 UD Trilogy Jeff Niemann rc-$3
    2005 Topps Update Jared Weaver rc-$3.
    2003 Bowman Franklin Gutierrez rc-$3
    2004 Bowman Kevin Kouzmanoff rc ( x2)-$1.50 each
    2005 Bowman Chrome Draft Sean Fowler rc refractor-$3
    2001 Bowman Heritage Travis Hafner rc-5
    2003 Bowman Andy Marte rc-3

    GU cards
    2004 Bowman Franklin Gutierrez Futures game jersey-$10
    2003 Bowman's Best Ryan Shealy rc gu bat-$5
    2003 Upper Deck Deans List Honor Roll Troy Glaus game used jersey-$8
    2000 Upper Deck Origins Hideo Nomo Game used Jersey-$10
    2003 Bowman Andy Marte Futures jersey relics-$10 ( x2)
    2002 Bowman Mike Williams jersey-$8
    2002 Leaf Certified Materials Mike Williams football #Ed to 250-$15
    2002 Bowmans Best Julius Peppers rc jersey #ed to 399-$20
    2001-2002 Darius Miles hardcourt Imagery floor card--$15
    2002-2003 Elton Brand Fleer Athentix jersey-$15
    2001-2002 Fleer Force Inside Game Darius Miles jersey #ed to 399-$12
    2002-2003 Fleer Darius Miles/Elton Brand Flair Court Kings jersey #ed to 250-$30
    2001-2002 Elton Brand Trading Places jerseys-$15
    2001-2001 Darius Miles Fleer Tradition Glossy Traditional Threads-$12
    2002-2003 Upper Deck Flight Team jersey Darius Miles-$12

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    Mike1870: I like the Mathews GU so far...

    tvalxctrack123: A lot of nice stuff, but didn't really see much that interested.

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    Nothing much else: Just 2003 Topps Chrome Adam LaRoche REF #/699 and 2001 SPx Horacio Ramirez Jersey. But I can add to the HOFer autos and maybe the Lerew? Michael

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    well why don't we hold off on trying to work a deal for now until you know for sure if you are going to trade the Lerew to someone else or not since that's the one I'm after the most.

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    Could you hold Fields and McCann for me over the next couple of days? Michael

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